Mindy Kaling welcomed her second child in 2020 and, like a lot of parents, she's found the move from one kid to two requires letting go of perfection.

"I'm someone who's really type A. I'm a real perfectionist, and I'm really hard on myself," she tells Motherly, adding that 2020 taught her to forgive herself as a parent and let people help her.

Her whole life changed when she became a mom of two in the middle of a pandemic.

"With two, it seems like there's 10 children in my home," she explains. "It's like my entire house looks just like a preschool. It's like full, full, of toys."

There's no way Kaling could keep up a facade of perfection in a year that was so imperfect, so she didn't.

"The fact is I was worried about people judging me. And the truth is like I had never once judged a woman for having help having a nanny having their mom come and live with them having their sister to pick up babysitting hours. Anything, I'm jealous, and so probably is realizing that that kind of scrutiny that people think is there is largely not there."

Kaling takes that help, from her dad and her nanny and encourages others to take advantage of whatever help is available to them, even if that's just helping yourself by cutting out a chore or two.

Kaling does that by making her evening meals easy. She's currently promoting Campbell's to-go soup line, Well Yes, and uses the prepared line along with other quick kitchen hacks to keep things easy in the kitchen.

"So it's a lot of like, shortcuts and convenient options," she explains. "For dinner I pop something in my air fryer a piece of fish. I'd add some Well Yes and like a small salad and like maybe some rice or some like fresh bread. And that to me is like a really simple meal. It doesn't have like a ton of ingredients, it doesn't take you're spending an hour in front of the stove."

She's too busy to feel guilty about anything and she doesn't want other moms to either.

"As moms, we feel so much guilt when we think that we can do it ourselves. Whether we work full time, part time, stay at home...it is an overwhelming job. And it's enjoyable job. And I think of the amount of time I wasted before I realized that I need full-time help as a single mom who has two jobs. It is that amount of guilt and wasted time—it was one of those moments where I'm thinking like, wow, we only live like life once."