As the 11th sign of the Western Zodiac, Aquarius is the sun sign for anyone born between the dates of January 20 and February 18. This sign is often depicted as a woman with flowing hair who is tipping a pitcher of water out. Think of an Aquarius mother as the woman who pours out a universe of ideas and creations to the world around her, whether that’s her nursery design or her career choice. 

Her zodiac-based parenting style leans hard on leading by example, and there are lots of family meetings to talk things through. But an Aquarius mom doesn’t run these with a heavy hand: instead, she invites open-mindedness and free expression of thoughts and feelings. And then she lets them go, like the water that flows from her cup. 

12 Aquarius personality traits and their influence on your parenting style

Whether you’re the beautiful Aquarius mom or you have one close to you, here are a few more Aquarius traits that might ring true. 

1. An Aquarius mom expresses their emotions with their words 

In spite of the watery association, Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign. Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) have a tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Air signs often play it close to the vest. This means an Aquarius’ traits include being able to express all of their incredibly deep feelings out loud rather than weeping with joy. How does this translate to our beloved Aquarius moms? She’ll be the first to tell you you’re doing a great job, mama, at a moment when you least expect it. And with an Aquarius as a mother, there will be frequent verbal praise for her kids, but without shallow platitudes. Think: “I loved how you painted the sky that perfect shade of cerulean blue!” vs. “Beautiful picture, honey!”

2. And Aquarius moms are quick-witted about it, too

All that verbalizing isn’t just endless chatter. An Aquarius mother’s wit is likely sharp as a tack. So that genuine, detailed praise comes to mind in record time. The Aquarius mom’s trait of quick-wit means there’s plenty of laughter and joking, playful teasing, and well-timed sarcasm. This rubs off on her children, too. If the kids are interested in a prank, she’s all in.

3. Aquarius moms are generous gift-givers 

An Aquarius mother is the one in your mom group who always nails that perfect gift, whether it’s for her own children or one of her friends. In part, this is due to her innate generosity and desire to express love in a physical form. It’s also because an Aquarius mom is incredibly observant and takes note of an individual’s likes and dislikes. If an Aquarius mom is invited to a stranger’s house, she’ll bring champagne because she’s classy like that, but if she’s invited to her bestie’s house for a kid-and-mom playdate? She’ll bring you a string of pearls she ocean-deep dived for and kept on reserve for just such an occasion. 

4. Aquarius moms are discerning

An Aquarian mother’s gifts and generosity are not bestowed willy-nilly upon the masses. While the Aquarius mom is naturally loving and giving, they don’t bequeath the gifts of their time and affection to just anyone. Like their fellow winter-born Capricorn moms, they choose their true friends carefully and keep them close for generations. 

5. They’re also forgiving 

An Aquarius mother is not a judgmental one. An Aquarian mom is as gracious with mistakes or missteps in her friend groups as she is in her own family unit.  If she makes a mistake, she’ll be the first to own up to it, verbally confess her feelings and regrets, and then be ready for the next adventure. Her children learn from this example and are often verbally gifted and generous of heart. 

6. An Aquarius mother is always genuine 

Remember the Aquarian mom trait of outward expression of feelings, whether that’s through gifts or words? There’s one thing you can bet on: that expression is genuine. She’ll tell it like it is, sometimes, whether you’ve asked her or not. As a mom, this means giving genuine feedback to her family and friends, all with the goal of bringing everyone closer together. She doesn’t bother with fakery: if she’s not feeling it, you’ll know. 

7. She’s a rebel at heart

Got an Aquarius mom, pal? She’ll be the first to break the rules, including the rules she sets for herself. But she’s never a rebel without a cause. Whether it’s creative license, a harmless prank, or lofty philanthropy, Aquarians don’t just rebel for the fun of it. They rebel for a reason. 

8. She’s the life of the party

Want to make sure the party games you spent time planning actually take place? Enlist an Aquarius mom. Not only will the games take place, they will become epic events talked about and re-enacted for years to come. And while the Aquarius mom loves a good party, she doesn’t love small talk. Unless she’s the emcee of the festivities, an Aquarius prefers to have deep discussions, whether that’s about health, philosophical discussions, religious views, or adventures; just chatting about the weather won’t fly. 

9. Aquarius moms are innovators 

What makes Aquarius moms both the life of the party and rebels at heart? They think outside the box. This is the mom that shows her kids that you can play Candy Land in reverse or the mom that tries the door that no one else is going through, which is unlocked (of course!). They are quick on their feet and good at innovative, adaptive thinking. As a mother, Aquarius moms can invent entire playscapes for their kids without anything more than a sharpie and a cardboard box. 

10. Aquarius moms love to try out new things

That innovative spirit that is an Aquarius mom trait means that she’s also down to try a new restaurant, fitness trend, adventure park or venue. The beauty is that the Aquarius mom knows what she likes, so once she’s tried all the new things, she’ll choose one or two of those things and integrate it as part of her regular routine. The rest is chalked up to a fun experience. 

11. Aquarius moms think globally and act locally

By nature, many Aquarius mothers are civic-minded. They prefer to be in service to the greater good in some way. This could mean she’s volunteering her time, making generous donations, or dedicating her career to a cause that she’s passionate about. And because she’s so sincere, she’s also great at getting others on board. Not only does she lead by example, she’s in it for the long game: a better world for all of us. 

12. An Aquarius mother marches to her own drum

From unique baby names to fashion-forward scarves, the Aquarius mom is ready, willing, and able to do things differently. She’s always on the hunt for a hobby or creative endeavor that allows her to express her own point of view, and she encourages her children to do the same. She travels off the beaten path, both at home and on vacation, and is happy to share her knowledge of all those hidden gems with her close friends and family, as long as they’re willing to pledge never to share the secret or trash the place.