Before electricity, we noticed the Moon and her powers more easily. Our circadian rhythms used to be more connected to the Earth’s natural days and nights, and so were our menstrual cycles. The Moon affects our cycles for two reasons. One is because of the way we are affected by light and circadian rhythms. The other has to do with gravity. The Moon pulls our Oceans to her with the tides; and since our bodies are made primarily of water, she pulls on our blood as well.

If a woman wants to balance out a wonky cycle or just connect to her rhythm more, she can use lunaception, a kind of light therapy that was taught by Louise Lacey. According to Lacey, women, whose cycles have traditionally been synchronized with the moon, should menstruate with the new moon and ovulate when the moon is full; and those who sync back with the phases of the Moon end up optimizing their reproductive health. To do so, a woman should sleep in complete darkness for the first 14 days of her cycle. When she ovulates or when the Moon is full (around the 14th day), she should turn on a dim light for three days before going back to darkness until her next period begins. Keeping track of her cycle on a lunar calendar and Moon gazing can also aid in slowly syncing up with the Moon.

Using this strategy can help regulate your cycle and can thus help you conceive. With the classic example of bleeding on the New Moon and ovulating on the Full Moon, getting pregnant is believed to be easier in the few days leading up to when the Moon is brightest. Though of course, many women bleed on the full Moon, and all women have slightly different cycles.

For those who already are pregnant, you’ll go through 10 Moon cycles during gestation alone, and knowing about them can be beneficial too. That’s because Moon cycles, which last for approximately 28 days, can affect your pregnancy, your birth and even your little one’s personality. Learning about what the Moon is up to around your due or if you were born on a special Moon time can teach you a whole lot about yourself. After all, just like the rest of an astrological birth chart, your Moon phase is imprinted in you on an energetic level. Even though we are all destined to experience lots of different lessons in this life, the lessons of our astrological birth chart are what most of us will really focus on working with this time around.

Here is how the Moon can affect your cycle, and how you can harness its power for your benefit.

New Moon.

Just as a crowded chalkboard can be erased for a fresh start, so the Moon goes black each month. This allows us to see the stars, the big picture. Give yourself a fresh start each New Moon by taking some time to rest and let go of the last month. Maybe take a bath or write in your journal. Or just take time to watch a movie or sleep. Once you feel grounded, then you can set new intentions for the coming Moon. The intentions can be physical, spiritual, anything you like. For example a new to-do or priority list, starting a new book or practice, or trying to cultivate more compassion for others. The important thing is to wipe the chalkboard of your life clean with some time out, and figure out what you want to write and draw on it next. This is the most natural time to have your period.

Waxing Moon.

The Moon is slowing getting brighter and brighter. This is the time to really focus and work hard on your intention. This aligns with the energy of the follicular phase of our cycle. Your body is working hard on getting an egg ready! Your egg is growing and getting swollen, ready to be released.

Full Moon.

The Moon is full for more than just one night. I often feel the Full or New Moon a few days in advance and after as well. The more you connect to lunar cycles, you will recognize this in your own life as well. The Full Moon is a great time to find the peaks in your life. It’s a time for having fun, ovulation, big business meetings and performances, or making a romantic connection. It’s like the cork popping from a champagne bottle and your egg releasing into your fallopian tube! Once and awhile a Full Moon can feel so powerful that instead of engaging with the energy, it can also be nice to rest and take it easy. Often our baby’s will stay up late being fussy or people will be out late and driving drunk, etc. on a crazy Full Moon! So do the big things but also be careful. Listen to what your body and spirit need and how each Moon feels.

Waning Moon.

The time of fullness has passed and the Moon is slowly shedding her light again. Here we can start to incorporate more passivity. Let the chips fall and see some of your work come to fruition. Go with the flow. The luteal phase of our cycle here either releases an unfertilized egg or starts setting things up for pregnancy.

New Moon.

Take a deep breath. Start again.

Rebecca McKeever is a Mama, Reiki Master, & Doula. She loves to dance, take pictures of flowers, study the Cosmos, and meditate on Universal connection. ~ Find her on insta: @wisdombird or