Have you ever had one of those weeks where life just doesn't stand still? I have.

I guess life never really does stand still but there were no lazy mornings or leisurely afternoons. No calm evenings or relaxing bedtimes to gloat about. Just a crazy, busy insanely demanding week where I was just one mom and mom life was officially kicking my butt.

Fighting a hoarse voice of my own, two trips to the urgent care with my daughters, my mother was in the ICU, work deadlines and of course the normal hectic evening routine with kids is just a tad bit of my days last week.

And during it all, in the midst of almost breaking down in tears, it occurred to me that these wild weeks are beginning to be the "new normal."

By "new normal" I am not referring to the extreme life moments. Those are hopefully rare and far and few in between. I'm talking about the day to day with two kids under 5, a husband, a career, friends, and extended family, it feels like I am constantly being pulled in every direction.

The new normal is getting up early to make breakfast, make lunches and get myself semi dressed before the little ones wake up.

The new normal is that I strive to be present as a wife and best friend, even when I’m too tired to think and sometimes

The new normal is that I work when I should be sleeping because it never seems like I can get enough done during the day.

The new normal is making plans for super fun girlfriend get-togethers, only to have to cancel because of a kid mini-crisis. (Two dreaded words: stomach bug.) That wasn't a fun day!

The new normal is moving from mother to friend to boss—from minute to minute. And not taking enough time for self.

As much as I enjoy being a mommy to my beautiful daughters, am madly in love with my husband and enjoy my career, the new normal leaves me aching for a moment of peace and serenity. Can we say "bubble baths" anyone?

That desire may not happen every day (okay, who I am I kidding, it happens a lot), I am continually learning that I must give myself little moments (or big moments) of calm every once in a while.

As mothers we push ourselves to the brink without thinking twice about it.

We are so accustomed to being everyone else's everything that we forget that we need our own love too!

The saying of love yourself first rings in my head whenever I begin to feel too overwhelmed or exhausted.

Taking a walk to grab a coffee, stopping for a quick polish change or simply taking a little longer in the shower with my favorite body scrub are the little moments that help remind me to put myself first because I am just one mom.

I may not have 48 hours in my day like I am convinced Beyonce does (she is Sasha Fierce) but 24 hours will just have to do.

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