“Motherhood is holding your baby while going to the toilet.

And getting to enjoy even the most ordinary moments together.

Motherhood is laying awake, stressing if you are doing the right thing for your child.

And getting to love someone with your entire being like never before.

Motherhood is saying “no” to that get-together because it’s during nap time.

And getting to experience putting your child’s needs before your own.

Motherhood is not being able to sleep in.

And getting to wake up every morning excited to see your little one.

Motherhood is wanting to teach your kids what is best, right and true.

And learning lessons that they teach you.

Motherhood is having so many unknown thoughts about your child’s future.

And getting the joy to see how they blossom and become their own, individual self.

Motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice.

And never wanting to change that for the world.”