We keep all the memories of them locked away in our treasure chest of the most precious moments. And we keep those memories for as long as we can.

We are keepers of the moonlight kisses when they can't fall asleep. We keep all warm hugs for them, as warm as the sun's glow.

We keep the temperature just right in the house. And we keep the snacks close by Incase their stomach grumbles. We also keep the music on for those tiny feet to dance.

We keep little things and big things. Like their hospital bracelet that they wore the day they were born. The rocks and twigs they collect. All the millions of photographs we keep of them. How could you delete one? Never.

We say "where did I keep that" often. When we can't find their soother or their favorite book. "I swear I kept it here." Sometimes we lose track of keeping things in the same place.

We are the ones who keep them close till they know how to go off on their own. But we keep them with us, always. Their smell, their tugs on your leg to be held, the way they mumble "mama." That we will keep forever and ever.

Keeping their love with us means never letting go of the purest joys of motherhood. This love will always be kept.

I wish I could keep her in my pocket forever. For now, I'll keep all of this and hold on to these moments with her forever. Specially those kisses that she blows to mama; I'll catch them and keep them with me.