I have two little boys and as much as I loved decorating their nurseries, there is something that strikes me as extra special about creating a serene space for a baby girl. I’m especially enamored with the room Instagram influencer Jennifer Bithell created for her daughter, Mila.

Mila’s room is full of precious pieces that really tie it all together. From the baby-sweet bonnets and rattles that serve double-duty as decor to the fun teepee that Mila will love for years to come, it’s both simple and perfect.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say about Mila’s precious little space:

1. What inspired your nursery?

Simplicity. We wanted to keep it peaceful—a room that would make you go “oh, that’s lovely.” And, most importantly, we wanted a nursery that would fit in our budget. 

image 5020 Motherly

2. What was the first item you bought for the nursery?

About a year before we found out we were having Mila, I purchased the teepee from Etsy. I loved that it was neutral and I imagined our future children playing and making memories in it. 

3. What is the most meaningful piece included in the room?

My husband and I love traveling, so we have few pieces, like the sheep displayed on the shelf, from our travels.  This is our way of connecting our daughter with “our thing” from an early age.

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4. How does the space make you feel when you spend time there?

Grateful. We’ve been dreaming of the day a little baby would occupy that room. We are grateful she’s in our lives. 

5. What “must have” items did you decide to go without?

We decided not to purchase a baby monitor. The main reason being our main living space isn’t very big and her room is right next to ours.

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6. Besides  the cribs  and dresser, what are the most-used elements of the nursery?

The rocker. We’ve spend countless hours rocking Mila to sleep. Also, her sheep white noise maker is a lifesaver. 

7. What advice would you give any pregnant  mamas planning their nursery now?

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the nursery of your dreams. 

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A few more faves:

IKEA Tarva Dresser, $179

Restoration Hardware Sheep Mobile, $52

Bannor Toys Classic Rattle, $10

Victoria Krav Name Banner

Inhabit Teepees, $125

Babyletto Trapeze Glider, $349

Thank you so much to Jennifer for giving us a peek inside her adorable nursery!