Being a boy mom is, well… an adventure to say the least. From wondering how many times is one too many for your son to bump his head in a day to getting an empty tin popcorn bucket slammed onto your head—raising boys is exhausting and fun and extremely unpredictable. 

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I’m proud to say that I’m team #boymom, but honestly, I had no idea what I was in for.

No one told me to prepare for having a fountain of pee streamlined to your face while changing a diaper.

No one told me that no matter how many times you tell them to be careful—and no matter how many times they hurt themselves—they’ll continue doing the same thing over and over again. 

No one told me to prepare to nearly get your entire head ripped off at the mercy of those tiny little hands

No one told me that they’ll squat in front of your face while you’re peacefully resting on the couch, let out a fart and then run off laughing 🤣

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I don’t think I’ve been more of a nervous wreck until becoming a boy mom. I’ve learned to live nearly every day in complete clutter and utter chaos—and somehow still make it out alive 😅

My husband tells me to protect myself at all costs because you never know how dangerous it can get—which is so true! Often I’ll find myself in the line of fire of blocks being thrown or my kid cannonballing off his bed and onto my back. Not to mention those tiny little elbows being dug into my shin and the nails that puncture sharper than actual knives (and I have the scars to prove it!)

Most of my time is honestly spent worrying about the possible concussions my toddler can get from doing deep dives off the couch or running around with a blanket covering his head.

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But through the rambunctious mayhem that is raising boys—and though there are a lot of things I wish I’d known beforehand—these are the things that I’m learning as I go:

Raising boys may mean more dirt—but it also means more making fun out of life’s messes.

Raising boys may mean more running around—but it also means never experiencing a dull moment.

Raising boys may mean more bruises—but it also creates the opportunity for lots more kisses.

Raising boys may mean more people calling your kid a wild child—but it also means getting to reply with “Yes they are, and I absolutely love it that way.”

Raising boys may mean more daredevil stunts—but it also means loosening up and learning to live life on the edge, even if just a little. 

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And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Though it seems that there are endless opportunities for my little rascal to make an Olympic sport out of just about anything, though he runs into walls or tumbles off his bed practically ten million times a day, though he may make my heart race and nearly beat out of my chest every other second—he is my precious boy. And one true thing is that he loves his mama so much.

Raising boys comes with no guidelines. You never know what you’ll be in for—and it’s truly one wild ride. But they’re the cutest, most affectionate, loving little monsters ever—and I’m proud to be raising one. 

So to all my boy moms, we may have to put in some extra work to keep them from hanging off the ceiling fans—but what more could you even ask for, am I right?