Time is fleeting. When you’re in the thick of all the diaper changes, the on-demand feedings and bi-monthly checkups, you don’t realize it. But before you know it, your little one has teeth, is eating solids and peeing in the potty. Then they’re off to school and graduating from college and starting their careers.

It all goes by so fast.

In this mama’s heartfelt Instagram post, she reminds us to cherish every moment, no matter how tiresome motherhood can be at times. Because one day, our babies won’t be this little anymore.

It all feels never-ending, doesn’t it? 

The nappy changes
The routines
The white noise
The burping
The crying
The milk making
The laundry pile
The rocking
The worrying
The pram pushing
The demands
The mess
The shushing
The broken sleep

I hear you mama, when will it all end?

One thing that will never end though, is the love.

The thing is, one day it will. Sooner than we anticipate and we’ll be left wondering how the time went so fast and what the heck to do with ourselves. One thing that will never end though, is the love. And truthfully, the love is so worth it all.

So for now, with what little energy we have, let’s soak up every exhausting minute we can.”