18. When you want a modern day telenovela that’s smart, cute + SO funny: Jane the Virgin

19. When you want to learn about the exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar: Narcos

20. When you want to laugh + laugh + laugh: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

2. Because you love Amy Poehler (+ everyone else in this show): Parks and Recreation

5. When you want lots of political scandal: House of Cards

6. When you need a dose of babies + Brits: Call the Midwife

13. Because everyone tells you to watch this one + raves about it (Plus, high school chem + meth = Interesting): Breaking Bad

12. Because it’s Legen (wait for it)...dary: How I Met Your Mother

7. Because Tom Selleck is still a babe: Blue Bloods

10. When you miss Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, + Joey: Friends

1. When you want to laugh + cry (at every episode): Parenthood

4. When you miss high school drama + antics: Pretty Little Liars

8. When you want to watch a trainwreck of a teacher in subtitles: Rita

Here are a few must-watch first season shows you should get into immediately

into. Go!

17. Because Aziz Ansari is hilarious + amazing: Master of None

9. Because who doesn’t love 11 seasons of sexy doctors?: Grey’s Anatomy

14. When you want to watch something creepy: The Killing

15. Catch up quick before the new comeback episodes(!!): Gilmore Girls

11. When you wish Varsity Blues was a TV show: Friday Night Lights

16. When you want to escape + go to a whole different world: American Horror Story

3. When you wonder what jail is like (but don’t want to go to find out): Orange is the New Black

Whether you’re on maternity leave or you’re staying home with your newbie—you will have some down time at home. Enjoy it! Enjoy every second. While nursing for hours on end, taking a little “me time” during your little one’s nap, or up late with your night owl we’re thinking that binge watching a show is in your future.

Here are our favorite recommendations on Netflix: