Hillary Duff may have drank the smoothie with her daughter's placenta in it, but just wait until you hear what some moms are now doing with their babies' umbilical cords. Plus, details on the pilot program in New York aimed at keeping mothers and babies alive during childbirth. And if your little one is still waking up all night long, you're not alone -- and why a new study says there's no need for guilt. It's all right here in our Weekly Links

  1. New York has a new pilot program to try and keep babies and mothers safe during childbirth. The state's health department is expanding Medicare coverage to include doula care in Erie County and parts of Brooklyn, areas with the highest Medicaid births and maternal and infant mortality rates.
  2. One of our favorite kiddo clothing sites now has clothes for every stage of motherhood: pregnancy, nursing and, you know, that stage after where you just want to wear flowy everything. June & January Mama has cute dresses that work for the office, lounging and everything in between.
  3. If your baby's still not sleeping through the night -- whether he's six months or two years -- you're not alone, mama. In fact, a new study aimed at lowering guilt for parents of overnight-wakers shows only 62-percent of six-mont-olds are able to sleep for six hour blocks at a time, and that number only increases to 71-percent by one year. The study showed no change in the mood or stress level for mothers of babies who sleep well verses those who don't, and it also showed no development differences in the babies.
  4. Have you ever popped your baby's pacifier in your mouth to clean it off after dropping it on the floor in the subway? So gross, but like, you know you've done it. Turns out, scientists say sucking your baby's paci may help prevent them from getting allergies. But you have bacteria your tiny baby doesn't have yet, and introducing that bacteria too early may cause bellyaches or other problems. So... suck your baby's pacifier at your own risk? Never thought I'd write that sentence.
  5. Excuse me while I throw up a little bit, but if you're looking for the world's most unique gift for that special someone in your life, how about jewelry made out of your child's UMBILICAL CORD. Yes, apparently, that's a thing. You can get your baby's umbilical cord turned into a beautiful necklace or bracelet. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.