Thanks to separate announcements from Target and Amazon, the biggest dilemma for fans of an occasional glass of wine may soon be: Do I want a great bottle of vino that’s super cheap? Or one that can be delivered to my door within the hour?

It used to be that pizza was the only thing you could get delivered so quickly, but the game has changed and Amazon is eager to bring us everything our busy heart's desire. With its ever-expanding inventory and quick delivery, Amazon Prime has become a lifesaver for parents—and new changes to its Prime Now service mean you can order up some wine to enjoy within the hour.

Along with the wine, parents with Prime Now can order milk, dinner, household and grocery items for super fast delivery, all thanks to Amazon’s partnerships with local restaurants and retailers.

For the annual cost of a $99 Prime membership—plus an $8 one hour delivery fee—parents can click on a bottle of wine before putting the kids in the tub and be uncorking it by the time tuck-ins are over. If you can handle waiting a little longer, two hour delivery is free.

The catch: Prime Now is available in 30 American cities, but the alcohol delivery part is only included in 12 of those. If you live in Cincinnati (Ohio), Chicago, Columbus (Ohio), Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), Richmond (Virginia), San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area or Seattle you can click your way to a glass of wine. Those of us in other cities will just have to wait for the service to expand. ?

For anyone more worried about saving money than saving time, Target may be the answer. The retailer is rolling out a new line of wine called California Roots. And at just five bucks a bottle, you can pick one up for less than the one-hour delivery fee of an Amazon wine.

Target’s covered all the wine bases with California Roots. There’s a pinot grigio, a moscato, a cabernet sauvignon and a red blend. The budget-friendly line launches at at more than 1,100 Target stores on September 3.

We’re glad to see both retailers are making life a little easier for parents who don’t have time to wander around the liquor store debating over wine labels. Now there’s really only two decisions to make when shopping for wine: Do you stay home and use Amazon? Or put on real pants and make a Target run?