Parents know babies needs can't really be scheduled. That's true for every mama, even Kate Hudson.

On Saturday Hudson shared a photo on Instagram. In the pic baby Rani Rose is nursing and both mama and baby are looking comfy in pink outfits.

"When you're workin but babies gotta eat," Hudson captioned the photo.

Hudson has so many different kinds of "work"—acting, being the new WW ambassador and of course as the co-founder of Fabletics, and it seems that was the role she was filling when this photo was snapped. The brand posted another photo from that shoot. In that photo, Hudson isn't nursing her daughter but is sharing a special moment.

Being able to bring your baby to work is obviously an amazing privilege. For most of us, being a new mom at work doesn't mean breastfeeding during a photo shoot, but rather trying to find a safe, sanitary and private place to pump where the wifi is strong enough to keep answering emails.

But even for parents who wear suits to work instead of leggings and hoodies, things are changing. Employers and lawmakers are beginning to recognize that, as Hudson says, "babies gotta eat" and are implementing things like stricter regulations regarding workplace lactation rooms and even "Infants at-Work" programs which see babies hanging out at the office with mom or dad in those early months.

So while seeing Hudson breastfeeding during a photo shoot isn't quite a reflection of how the average mom is balancing work and her babies needs, it does remind the world that babies have needs. By posting this on Instagram, Hudson isn't just normalizing breastfeeding, she's normalizing the dual roles so many of us fill.

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