We hear and read about the importance of self-care all the time. We are tired. We work hard. We know we can’t pour from an empty cup. We know people who make time for self-care on a regular basis are onto something...

But do we always make time for it? Really?

The truth is, most of us don’t. We do once in a while but it’s not always a regular thing we add into our already busy schedules. But it should be! We know it’ll make us better, happier mamas. And we know we deserve it.

So let’s vow to do it.

Nap time is the perfect time to do something for yourself. Whether you can allot twenty minutes or two hours—do what you can do. Start small and build from there.

We gathered a bunch of great, easy ways to self-care with the best of ‘em while your kiddo is in dreamland. Promise you’ll join us?

1. Take a nap.

Seriously. No guilt. Just nap.

2. Take a shower.

A nice, quiet, calming shower.

3. Read a book.

Any book you want. No Dr. Seuss or Sandra Boynton necessary.

4. Meditate.

Try our ‘Good Morning Mama’ beautiful meditation for some zen.

5. Work out.

Try some yoga or a quick YouTube workout.

6. Call a friend

A quiet, focused, phone call to catch up? What? Is that possible?

7. Do something artistic.

Make a craft that doesn’t involve googly eyes or Shimmer and Shine coloring books. (Or do one that does...whatever floats your boat!)

8. Prep dinner (washing, chopping, etc.)

If dinner time can be stressful, try prepping during nap time. Then it’ll be a breeze that evening.

9. Do a face mask.

We dare you to run a bath for yourself too!

10. Don’t go on your phone.

Switch your phone over to airplane mode and disconnect for a bit.

11. Beautify.

Do your hair and makeup while you have some time and don’t have to rush.

12. Catch up on your shows.

Let yourself zone out for a bit in straight up relaxation mode.

13. Paint your nails.

Pro tip: use a quick drying nail polish in case nap time is cut short.

14. Read a magazine.

Let yourself get sucked into some celebrity gossip or home decor tips.

14. Journal.

Write down your thoughts and feelings, ideas and dreams.

15. Listen to some music.

Try out some new music and buy a few songs on iTunes if any really stick.

16. Look up new recipes to try.

Pin them on Pinterest so you remember them for later.

17. Do a mini declutter.

Go through your house and see what you can get rid of in under an hour.

18. Organize your photos.

Take time to make sure everything is backed up and those precious memories are protected.

19. Bake something delicious.

Then eat it when you don’t have to share with anyone. #TreatYoSelf

20. Write a real letter.

There’s something about taking a pen to paper that is cathartic, isn’t there?

21. Catch up on Motherly.

Take some time to read our latest articles.

22. Plan a girls night out.

Get a group text going and figure out some fun plans together.

22. Listen to a podcast or audio book.

Anything you want. Your choice!

23. Cry.

Seriously. Sometimes we just need to. Let it all out, mama.

24. Appreciate the silence.

Just breathe. And enjoy the quiet time. Let yourself relax.

25. Plan your next dream vacation.

Indulge in some wanderlust travel planning—pin cool places you’d love to visit.

26. Plan a date night.

Call the babysitter to lock her in and text your husband with the task of finding a new restaurant to try out.

27. Do some online shopping.

Find something nice for yourself you want to buy!

28. Write down affirmations.

Remind yourself how awesome you are and what a great job you’re doing. Repeat after us,“I’m a good mom. I’m doing the best I can.”

29. Edit your closet.

Make a pile of clothes that don’t fit anymore or that you just don’t wear anymore. Then you can donate them!

30. Edit your kids closet.

Change out the clothes for the season or donate clothes that don’t fit anymore.