In the quiet, poolside lounging, last days of summer, use your time wisely. Don't wait until you are actually nursing to shop for your nursing wardrobe. By then, you will have many bigger things with which to concern yourself. Face it, you are going to feel a little ragged. And wondering how to get your top off in time (sometimes in public) when the baby is screaming for food is an unnecessary burden, especially with so many great options available. This Nautical-themed dress will get you through the rest of this hot summer while being ready to feed baby in style. Top it with summer's ultimate accessories, a straw fedora and a funny Fendi bag.

  1. Cosabella Charlotte Maternity Bra, $84.50. Buy here.
  2. Fendi Baguette Micro Baguette, $1550. Buy here.
  3. Seraphine Nautical Striped Maternity Dress, $63. Buy here.
  4. Toms Huraches, $64.50. Buy here.
  5. Satya Carnelian Hamsa Bracelet, $30. Buy here.
  6. Penquin Porkpie Straw Fedora, $49.50. Buy here.