Thanksgiving is nearly here and let’s be honest – this is a particularly stressful year. Whether you’re struggling to find ingredients for your favorite dishes or feeling blue about a pared-down holiday gathering , we get it. The holidays aren’t always jolly—especially during a pandemic .

Here is a good news story making us smile this week:

Girl goes viral for her epic mask choice

When mom Raena Granberry asked her five-year-old daughter, Justice, to put on a mask before a shopping trip, she wasn’t expecting this.

“I told my daughter to grab her mask so we can go to the store. This was the mask she grabbed,” Cranberry tweeted, along with a picture of Justice wearing a costume mask from The Mandalorian , Disney+’s Star Wars series.

Justice finished off her shopping look with a Peppa Pig shirt, sparkly, pink tutu, and her Barbie doll.

The picture quickly went viral, with over 800,000 likes on Twitter.

Granberry told Buzzfeed that Justice also wore a cloth mask, too – just under her much cooler Mandalorian mask.

“Let these kids be who they are. They’re gonna be that anyway, so the more you foster it and love them and let it be, the more awesome they get to be and shine for the world and make them happy,” Granberry said to Buzzfeed.

We agree!