A deadly and record-breaking storm hit Texas hard, with some of the coldest temperatures in decades. Many Texans were unprepared for the devastation the storm would cause, especially since due to the storm there were extreme power outages leaving many without heat and water. On top of that, because it’s usually not this cold in Texas, many didn’t know how to deal with freezing pipes or keeping their homes warm as temperatures dropped even more at night.

Since Thursday morning, a little under 500,000 homes were still without power. However, there’s now a warning on water, since water treatment plants shut down due to the storm. According to CBS News , at least 17 people have died, including a grandmother and three children who died in a house fire while trying to stay warm.

[If you’d like to help Texan families, consider donating to organizations that are actively working to keep families warm, fed and safe. Their lives quite literally depend on the generosity of these groups right now.]

These unbelievable photos are what Texans are dealing with right now: