Stomach bug season is something that should be in every parenting book out there. I was not prepared for the amount of times we’d be dealing with stomach viruses in our household, especially once my son started going to school. Unfortunately, there’ve been more times than I can count when my husband and I were not prepared, and instead of having a sick bag at the ready, we tried to catch vomit with our hand. Practical? No. Gross? Yes. Thankfully, influencer and mom Sarah over at @merchantmarinewife0233 shares how to “prep like a mother” with the ultimate mom hack when it comes to flu season. 

And one of the comments on this viral video summed up the hack (pun totally intended) perfectly. This trick is giving “‘I may need to puke, but I’m also here to party’” energy in the best way possible.

Using upbeat and motivating music from Mean Girls, and the voice-over of Karen coughing while on the phone with Regina and saying “I’m sick,” Sarah expertly shows her followers how to “prep like a mother” when it comes to flu season. All you need is a giant bowl, a garbage bag, and…a glow stick?


I saw this on another mom blog. Throw a glow stick in the bottom of the container and tie a garbage bag around. if your kid gets sick in the middle of the night, they can aim for the ball instead of the ground. #stayhealthy#sickday#parenting#parentinghacks#stomachache#flu#milenial#mom#tip #momhack

♬ original sound – Rachel Winters

In said giant bowl, you simply place a glow stick that’s already been activated. Next, you wrap the bowl in a garbage bag that’s inside out and tie it around the bowl. For those nighttime barfs, your kid will hopefully be able to see the bowl better (or you will at least) for them to have better aim into the bowl and not all over their bed, the floor, or themselves.

Sarah said she found this hack on another “mom blog” and just had to share its genius with her followers.  And most of  her followers loved the idea and offered more ingenuity when it comes to this hack.

One parent suggested layering the bag and paper towel. “Layer the bags: bag/paper towel, another bag/paper towel, etc. Then when the first round is over, pull it off and immediately ready for round 2.” Sarah replied, “This is the kind of ingenuity I need,” and gave this mom a gold star.

Many parents commented that they actually buy the emesis bags from Amazon in bulk and keep them around the house and in their cars just in case. But these would also work with a glowstick, most of them mentioned. 

This is the parenting content we need. One poor mom commented that she saw this hack literally five minutes too late. Thankfully this will no longer be those of us who watched this video, and we will be way more prepared for the dreaded kid barfs once the plague inevitably hits our households once again.