Mama of two, Lo Mansfield, recently post on her Instagram account a photo of her reflection in the mirror. The caption, basically a love letter to her body, talks about how she's two years postpartum but also could look 12 weeks pregnant. She celebrates her body that has been able to create and nurture life, love and be loved. And honestly, her words are so beautiful it's a great reminder for all of us to be kinder and more loving to our own bodies, mama.

Her caption reads:

"I'm 655 days postpartum in this picture. Or almost two years, if that's easier to wrap your head around. Equally so, when I'm comfortable and honest and untucked, I also look 12 weeks pregnant. And to be honest, I'm not even sure that 'almost two years' counts as postpartum anymore.

But, does that clarification even matter? Why do we feel as if it does? I put on this dress and I stare at that mirror and I can't help but wonder what people will think. And I can't help but be frustrated that I even care.

This is a body that's grown and birthed and fed two babies. This is a body that has gained weight and lost it, slipped in and out of old jeans, eaten the ice cream and ran the half marathon. This is a body that's walked through deep grief and survived it. This is a body that has cared for others, loved the least of these, laughed 'til it's cried. This is a body that has been loved and given love in rich and blessed amounts.

Yes, this is a postpartum body. And yes, this is a postpartum body that also looks like a pregnant body. But whether it's been 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 decades since that baby, whether this body had or had not birthed babies, this body is a good body. It is a worthy body. It is a loved body.

And today, this body can look in the mirror and wear the dress, because this body has and is living a good and beautiful life, comfortable and honest and untucked."