Capsule collection for postpartum bodies


Emma Sweater with Nursing Access


Poppy Leggings with Postpartum Support

Now, the really liberating part. Collect the items that actually *do* fit you right now and put them into a little one-drawer 'kit'—you can think of it as a postpartum capsule collection. If you can afford it, give yourself permission to buy one or two pairs of pants in your current size—I like to grab a stretchy pair of leggings that can adjust as your body changes, as well as one pair of structured bottoms like high-waisted jeans or cigarette pants. In any case, make sure they *actually* fit your current size and make you feel good. You do not need a new wardrobe, but you do need 2-3 items that fit your body and make you smile.

One more thing—if you can swing it, treat yourself to one new top, sweater or blouse in your current size that makes you feel good— a cozy wrap sweater, a breastfeeding-friendly blouse , a crisp white button down that looks awesome with anything. Having one killer look you love to wear can make all the difference during this transition time.

By having your ill-fitting pregnancy and pre-baby clothes out of sight, and a capsule collection available close by, you'll free yourself from the daily reminder that you don't "fit" into the old clothes—and instead have getting dressed be simplified and a feel-good experience. You don't need to spend a ton of money to have getting dressed as a new mama be a stressful experience. You just need to simplify your wardrobe and take a fresh mindset to this season of life.

And mama, motherhood looks incredible on you.

You've got this,

Liz and Jill