To the new mamas who feel like they’re running on an empty tank, wondering how they are going to survive…

It won’t always be like this.

It gets better.

The sleep is close to none, emotions are through the roof and you don’t know if you’re doing the right things…

It gets better.

Each day you will grow a little bit more confident with what to do, so it will also get a little bit easier.

You question if you’ll ever get your life back and if you were ready to have a child…

It gets better.

You will get to a place where you establish a new normal, so it won’t feel so scary and daunting.

You are being thrown so much information, yet at the same time, no one tells you about the stuff that seems to be the most important…

It gets better.

You’ll make decisions that work best for your family. Go with your gut and be unapologetic for the choices you make.

And even though it’s hard to imagine what it will be like down the road, the best part is that it just keeps getting better,