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The future is here, mamas, and that means you no longer have to stress about remembering when you last fed that beautiful bundle of joy you just brought home from the hospital. Project Nursery’s Parent + Baby SmartBand is like your own personal assistant, doing all the memory work for you. From keeping track of nursing and pumping to reminding you it’s time for baby’s medicine, this chic wristband takes away some of the worry that comes with being a new parent.

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The Parent + Baby SmartBand comes with three slim, rubber wristbands in grey, blush pink and black. The Bluetooth-enabled touchscreen can be popped in an out of the different wristbands to match your #OutfitOfTheDay.

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Project Nursery’s wristband keeps track of everything you could think of. For baby, you can set reminders for breastfeeding, keep track of your pumping and nursing and tally up diapers. For parents, you’re able to note your steps taken, distance and calories burned. It’s even handy during pregnancy, keeping a kick count, tracking your hydration and sending reminders for your prenatal vitamins.

The system works with both iOS and Android devices through an app that syncs with the touch screen. The app shows your data in easy to read graphs and logs – perfect to pull out at the pediatricians office when they ask how many diapers your baby is making or how long feedings last.

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This durable wristband is sweat and splash resistant. And here’s the icing on top: the SmartBand only needs to be charged once every 30 days.