Adult coloring book or puzzle together.

Put on some good tunes on Spotify, grab a favorite beverage (we're fans of brewing our own at-home Kombucha which you can do with this awesome kit), and settle in for an evening of acting like kids together. There's nothing more comforting than losing yourself, together, in a hobby that gets you out of your own head. The Motherly Shop customers are obsessed with our beautiful Inner Piece puzzle (that doubles as art), and my husband is digging all things coloring books, like this great find .


Kombucha Making Kit

Inner Piece

Puzzle Art

Cook something new together.

Making dinner doesn't have to be drudgery. Tuck the kids in bed, pop some bubbly, light a candle and get cooking together. From vegan-friendly meal kits that taste like the best gourmet food you've ever had (I'm in love with Purple Carrot meals ) to homemade pretzels or a fresh Italian cheesemaking kit , grab a set to make it easy for you to nail adult mealtime. We've loved date nights in the kitchen trying something new. And if you want to go all out, you can take a Master Class together and learn some new culinary techniques while you're at it. Alice Waters, considered a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement, teaches a class that is particularly soothing and fun for date night. (See other Master Class cooking classes here. )


Pretzel Making Kit


Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Go deep with conversation.

We recently picked up a new couples conversation starter deck, and whoa, have we had some deep, revelatory convos with our spouses. This Couples Edition conversation deck taught us things about our spouses we didn't know even after a decade together. Think you know your partner? Grab a deck and be prepared to laugh, cry and learn.


Remember how before kids you used to be able to sneak away to the bedroom (or the couch) any time you both felt like it? While parenthood can make sexytime more logistically challenging, we're loving how being at home more during quarantine gives us more time to just be together, naked, with our spouses. Try heading up to bed earlier than usual and give yourself permission to be together, as adults (not parents) for an hour or two. And try adding something new to the mix, like soaking in a bath together , or a new, easy-to-dispense lube like this one from Maude .


Bath Soak Infusion Kit



Happy dating!

Jill + Liz