In between your endless to-do list and those nagging everyday anxieties, finding the time and energy—much less the desire—for sex can be daunting.

And whether you already have kids and are trying to reconnect with your partner or are embarking on a trying-to-conceive journey, sex can sometimes be seen as yet another task to cross off your list or just a step that gets you closer to an end goal.

But here’s the thing: Filling your day with even an ounce more pleasure can make everything else feel less tedious.

At a time when 41% of moms are having less sex than ever, we get that prioritizing sex and pleasure takes practice and time and commitment. Which is why embarking on a self-pleasure practice can be a form of self-care.

In some cases, it’s as simple as taking something you already love to do, like journaling or listening to an audiobook, and transforming that into a sexy, libido-boosting experience. These five sex-positive apps make sex and intimacy feel more approachable and achievable, helping you rekindle your sex life and lean into your lust—whether that’s solo or partnered. Each one is so good, we only wish we’d discovered them sooner.

1. Coral: For a roadmap to better sex, $60/year (Free to download, subscribe to unlock more content)

From quickie quizzes to mini lessons to an anonymous “ask the sex expert” forum, Coral offers sex education unlike anything you ever learned in school. It’s kind of like Duolingo, but for sex. Sign in for daily mindfulness exercises (like guided meditations for body confidence), plus steamy stories and sexy journal prompts. Track how you’re feeling in your intimate life with a feature called “The Pulse” and learn more ways to deepen your intimacy, which can mean feeling more connected to your partner or just getting to know yourself better, all in the name of sexual satisfaction.

2. Dipsea: For short-form sexy audio stories, $60/year or $13/month (Free to download, subscribe to unlock more content)

Dipsea is a collection of sensual audio stories that were created for women, by women. Dipsea’s sexy storytelling is for you if you’ve been curious about diving into the wide world of romance novels—but want the short story form. With a huge selection of audio stories under 15 minutes, there’s also a fire-emoji slider if you want to skip right to the steamy parts. Search by tags, like “Her + Him”, “Her + Her”, “British Accent”, “In Nature”, etc.—whatever gets your sparks flying. When you find a character you’re into, you’ll adore having the ability to follow them through various chapters (and escapades).

3. Ferly: For your mindful sex journey, $40/year or $13/month (Free for 7 days)

What is mindful sex? It’s about “slowing the F down,” reads the Ferly website, with the goal of flipping the focus from orgasm to intimacy and finding your confidence to speak up about what moves you. Ferly is like a masterclass in sex: Featuring 5- to 20-minute expert-led audio sessions about body confidence, theory, sexual wellness and cognitive behavioral therapy, you can sign up for one-on-one calls with sex experts and therapists, plus get checklists and sexual wellbeing assessments, journal prompts and erotic play challenges. There’s also an option to enroll in small-group therapy to find support from others going through similar experiences, whether that’s sex after kids, sex after trauma, embracing sex positivity or learning more about desire and arousal.

4. Emjoy: For sexy stories + wellness sessions, $30/year

If you’re looking to ramp up your sex life through both play and practice, Emjoy offers the best of both worlds. Listen to steamy audio stories (rated by chili peppers for hotness), plus get access to collections of wellness sessions led by sexual health experts, centered on everything from boosting confidence to discovering your desire to stopping limiting thoughts. If you’re a metrics person, you’ll love being able to select your sexual wellness goals, track your progress week by week and chart your intimacy journey to see just how far you’ve come.

5. Rosy: For a personalized sexual wellness plan, $10-$150/month

The path to sexual wellness looks different for every person—and that’s why we love Rosy’s varied offerings, which includes everything from a steamy erotica library to journal prompts and short videos, plus a virtual support group, as well as more comprehensive plans that offer shame-free coaching with sexual health experts. Your first step? Take a spin through a quick sexual wellness quiz (we promise it’s painless) to craft a doctor-formulated, step-by-step plan centered around your goals. Then, complete daily tasks featuring cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help shift unhelpful thought patterns. Rosy takes an evidence-based approach to sexual wellness, and it shows: More than 6% of U.S. OB-GYNS recommend Rosy to their patients.