Car seat safety is one of the primary priorities of parenthood. And the thing about car seats is that they seem simple enough, but we’re always learning more about them and how to ensure they’re effectively protecting our precious cargo. Luckily, there are many social media accounts dedicated to car seat safety, run by car seat safety experts.

One recent TikTok is going viral because it shows a very common safety issue with rear-facing car seats. Luckily, it’s extremely easy to amend.

An account run by CarSeatInstallers shares the quick tip that could help your child not only remain safer, but could help them enjoy car rides a little more because of it.

“Parents! Let your car seats absorb the force not your child,” they captioned the video.

I know I’m guilty of doing this, simply because I feel claustrophobic up there in the front seat and try to claim as much room for myself as my two-year-old’s car seat will allow. My two-year-old also isn’t a fan of the car, and while this may not be the full reason why—well, it’s worth a shot fixing it! I don’t want her absorbing all the bumps of the car (or every nudge from her mom trying to get comfortable in front of her).

Last month, another car seat safety video went viral as a mom (and professional car seat expert) showed us all how to install a car seat as tightly as possible to reduce looseness or wiggling.

The CarSeatInstallers account noted in the comments section that while every car seat is different, most manuals do state that the car seat shouldn’t be pushed up against the front seat. Just check your manual to see what your particular car seat company recommends!

The account also says they plan to address the many reasons why your child may not like their car seat, with helpful tips on how to help them stay comfortable and safe. This is just one helpful video in a series of many.

The more you know!