I remember sitting in a bathroom stall only a couple of months into my first pregnancy.

I had horrible morning sickness and sat there crying, wondering, “Will I ever feel like myself again?"

Little did I know that this was only the beginning of something that all mothers experience: seasons.

As a new mom I was completely oblivious that throughout motherhood we all go through a lot of seasons. Sick season, baby bump season, uncomfortable sleep season, newborn season, teething season, crawling season.

Some of these are sweet and bring memories we will remember forever.

And when these seasons are finally over then comes another even sweeter, even harder season.

And so it continues.

People in general experience seasons throughout their life. However, in motherhood it seems to be season time on steroids. These seasons seem to come hard and pass fast and then it's on to the next one. Occasionally they give us time to breathe, and other times it feels as though they will never end.

But the truth that I've come to discover is that they do pass, even when they seem never-ending.

I will never forget the first time my husband placed his hand on my belly as we both felt our baby kick. Though at the time I was still feeling morning sickness, this little moment made this season so worth it; knowing there was a sweet baby forming inside my womb.

Some seasons haven't been so sweet like experiencing my baby's first ear infection and fever. As I held my crying baby close to me shedding some tears of my own, I felt so powerless, but reminded myself that at some point she would get better.

Through these times there is an even greater reminder for us as mamas: These seasons make us better, stronger and wiser every day.

These seasons shape our characters, our patience and the trajectory of our lives. They shape us into more loving mothers, friends and daughters. They strengthen us in difficult times. And they even have the power to slow us down and teach us to enjoy them, even through their obstacles.

Theses easons have the power to remind us to cherish small and seemingly insignificant moments, like little kicks and flutters in your belly, brand new baby yawns, happy little laughs and tiny waving hands.

Or even the first “I love you, mama."

These moments have the power to make us fighters, lovers and proud wearers of our motherhood badge. When we have to make the tough calls, when we hold on for dear life, when we pray that we made the right decision. When we have to choose to love when all we want to do is cry.

And when our children make us love like we never thought we could and grow our hearts tenfold.

One day we will look back at these seasons and treasure all of the laughter, the love and memories these seasons have brought. We will give thanks for the opportunity we had to live through these seasons, and for the women they have shaped us into.

I know this season might be tough mama, but remember, for good and for bad, it will pass, and when it finally does we will miss it and treasure it in our hearts.

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