As the holiday season approaches, we’ve all got our indulgences – especially that sweet tooth. And especially when we’re pregnant. We’re all for indulgence during pregnancy, as long as it’s in moderation. Here’s some of our favorite yummy and relatively healthy options to help satiate that sweet tooth, that are easy to find online or at your local grocery store.

Foodstirs Modern Baking. The Foodstirs team wanted to make modern baking wholesome, easy and tasty not to mention organic. After scouring retail shelves and only finding Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker as options, they launched their own brand. Foodstirs offers a creative subscription service for baking and most recently, they started a retail line of baking kits available on their website online as well as select Whole Foods. The recipes are traditional and the final product is nothing short of delicious. It’s a great way to feed that guilty pleasure.

Natural Candy Store. This is a great resource for organic, fair trade, allergy-friendly, Non-GMO candy. True to its name the website features an extensive list of candy brands that offer sweet treats void of artificial flavors, preservatives, and no hydrogenated oils. The website is an excellent resource for stocking up during the holiday season.

Back to Nature. Back to Nature offers a good selection of boxed cookie varieties. Think Girl Scout cookies but with a healthier spin – Non-GMO and organic. Indulge in their Fudge Mint or Fudge crème options or perhaps their Madagascar Vanilla flavors. They even offer snack packs of their products so it’s a great way to portion control. It’s a perfect family treat.

Talenti. Imagine curling up with a bowl of sea salt caramel! Talenti offers gelato and sorbet in a variety of flavors. Their products are farm fresh, non-GMO, and they never use high-fructose corn syrup. They also source their ingredients from all over the world to provide their customers with the best quality. Need I say more? Because the product is rich in taste, you won’t need much to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bonus: their gelatos contain 30% less fat than ice cream and their sorbets are fat-free.

Unreal Candy. It’s hard to deny yourself a piece of Snickers or a Reese’s peanut butter cup once in a while but for that consistent sweet craving — UnReal is your “no-guilt” candy. You can get all of the great taste without any of the junk i.e. artificial flavoring and food coloring. The brand offers Non-GMO friendly candy. The candies are colored with red cabbage juice, beetroot juice, annatto extract, and turmeric extract. You get all the classic candy varieties without all the unwanted ingredients.