Pregnancy is not without its challenges, and Shawn Johnson East wants her husband to understand that.

In a series of TikTok videos that are going viral, the Olympic athlete helps her husband, football player Andrew East, understand just some of the difficulties of being pregnant. After all, she's currently pregnant with their second child. They're expecting a boy and are already parents to 18-month-old daughter Drew.

Johnson uses plastic to wrap a fourteen-pound weight ball to her husband's stomach. In a series of videos, she then asks him to complete simple tasks, like picking a toy up off the floor, getting out of bed and taking off his shoes.

East's genuine surprise cracks up his wife—and viewers.


lol the complaint scoreboard @andrewdeast let me know if you want to see part 2 #parenting #pregnant #pregnancy #marriage #couples #comedy

In the first video, East is tasked with picking up a toy from the floor. Even before Johnson East finishes securing his simulated pregnant belly, East has a few complaints.


lol the complaint scoreboard @andrewdeast let me know if you want to see part 2 #parenting #pregnant #pregnancy #marriage #couples #comedy

"I already feel it in my upper back and lower back," he says. "My quads are like fatigued already."

"This is half of the actual weight?" he asks incredulously. "That's terrifying."

In the second video, Johnson East asks her husband to lay down in bed—and then try getting up.


this is how @andrewdeast is trying to build empathy lol #pregnant #pregnancy #couples #marriage #parenting #comedy

"That's crazy, dude, that's crazy!" he repeats while laughing through the exercise. Eventually, he asks for a hand and Johnson East comes through with a helpful tip: try rolling over. The couple practice rolling out of bed together, laughing.

In the third video, Johnson East asks her husband to try taking his shoes on and off.

"I can do that," he says confidently, before discovering that each time he bends down, he ends up burping.

At one point, he looks up, surprised. Johnson East can be heard off-camera, explaining, "it's 'cause it pushes on everything."


should we keep making @andrewdeast do these?? lol #pregnant #couples #marriage #comedy #pregnancy

Eventually, East gets the hang of it, but not without complaint.

"That's frustrating, for sure," he says. "That's terrifying."

The videos are going viral on TikTok right now, where viewers are cracking up at East's reactions.

"The shock and realization are on point lol," commented one user.

"You guys are soooo cute! I love how much he is trying!!," wrote another.

One woman commented, "Yesssss! I'm 37 weeks & I've gained 30! I want to make my husband do this."

There are plenty of requests for more videos, especially ones showing Andrew carrying the baby weight and their daughter Drew.

Pregnancy is wonderful—but it's not always easy, even if supermamas like Shawn make it look like it is.

We love seeing supportive partners like Andrew dig in and learn more about pregnancy, too. We're looking forward to more videos—and laughs—from this athletic couple.