10. A delicious treat

Sometimes all you need in life is something sweet. Bonus points if it looks as amazing as it tastes!

9. A gift that might come a bit later, but will be so worth it

A special drawing of mama and baby is the perfect piece of artwork. It’s such a thoughtful way to document this exciting time.

1. A gorgeous tote bag

Perfect for her own personal things or as a chic bag for her and baby.

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11. A thoughtful card

Nothing says “I love you” like a note that expresses how appreciative you are of all that she’s done to bring your little one into the world. Write down how much you love her and why she is so impressive.

This truly could be the sweetest of all the gifts.

12. A birth videographer

We’re not sure surprising your partner with a camera crew while she’s about to start pushing is the best idea. But if this is something you talk about and plan together in advance, it could be a really special gift.

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8. A fancy camera

This is a great time to learn photography—what with that adorable captive subject always ready for a photo shoot. ?

3. Monogrammed jewelry

Get baby’s name engraved on a necklace so she can wear it around her heart. So simple and so beautiful.

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No matter what side of the “Should mothers get elaborate push presents or not?” debate you’re on—let’s be real. We probably wouldn’t turn away a thoughtful gift after the extremely hard work that is labor and delivery.

We asked our Motherly mamas what they received and one said, “I didn’t plan on getting one, but my husband surprised me with a beautiful necklace in the recovery room about an hour after delivering!”?

Well played, sir. Well played.

Here are a few more gifts that will show the new mama in your life some appreciation. ?

7. A helpful kitchen appliance

New mamahood usually requires a decent amount of caffeine for survival. What better way to satisfy her new, or renewed, addiction than with a Keurig? ☕

Another slam-dunk appliance is a Vitamix. It makes smoothies, soups, baby food purees and much more.

6. Bundle pack for mama + baby

We are in love with this idea! The tote bag is packed with a cozy robe and socks for mama, and a matching hat and swaddle blanket for baby with a set of Freshly Picked crib moccs as well.

4. A vibrant bouquet

Nothing brightens a room (or a new mama’s face!) like a fresh bouquet of flowers. We love Farmgirl Flowers for special deliveries. ?

2. A keepsake box

What better way to store beautiful newborn photos, baby’s first footprints and all those precious first memories?

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5. A cute + comfortable pajama set

As a brand-new mother who will most likely spend most of her days at home for a while, this gift won’t go unappreciated. It’s nice to feel fabulous—even if she’s just in pj’s.

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