While some may view Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” as the official kick-off to holiday season, it’s Bath & Body Works’s holiday fragrance capsule for us, specifically the brand’s Christmas candle collection. Every year, Bath & Body Works surprises customers with a new launch of holiday themed scents, and this season’s lineup is giving Santa’s workshop a run for its money. 

This holiday season, expect to see a lot of outdoorsy and Christmas dessert and beverage inspired fragrances like Fresh Balsam, Cookies with Santa, Hot Cocoa and Cream, and Twisted Peppermint. All Bath & Body Works candles, which are available as single or 3-wick, are made with a soy wax blend and real, natural essential oils. Santa works hard, but Bath & Body Works works harder — good luck not buying one of every scent! 

Shop Bath & Body Works’s 2021 Christmas Candle Collection below.

Single Wick Candles


1. Hot Cocoa & Cream

Decadent milk chocolate, steamed milk, and mini marshmallows — it’s your favorite cozy, holiday beverage in candle form!


2. Champagne Toast

Raise your bubbly candle (not lit, of course) and let’s toast to these holiday nights! Great for those who love super sweet and fruity aromas.


3. Sweater Weather

It may be cold outside, but this Sweater Weather candle is giving us major warm, fuzzy feelings. This product casts notes of sage, eucalyptus, Juniper berries, and fresh wood.


4. Peppermint Sugar Cookie

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, so excuse us while we light this heavenly blend of crushed peppermint and buttery sugar cookies.


5. Falling Flurries

Set the mood with Falling Flurries, a candle made with frozen thyme, fresh eucalyptus, ripe pear, and sandalwood. It’s the perfect backdrop to that first snowfall.


6. Mahogany Balsam

Another outdoors-inspired fragrance, this woodsy candle pairs lovely with other vanilla bean based scents.

3-Wick Candles


1. Fresh Balsam

Available in both a Christmas green and frosty white candle jar, Fresh Balsam will turn your space into a cabin oasis with hints of woodland, eucalyptus, fir branches, and cedarwood. This new addition is made from a soy wax blend with natural essential oils and is the perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life.


2. Cookies With Santa

Named after jolly old Saint Nick and his favorite Christmastime dessert, Cookies with Santa smells like fresh cinnamon and brown sugar with a subtle drop of vanilla. Its decorative lid is just as festive as its fireplace-emblazoned jar.


3. 'Tis The Season

‘Tis the season for rich red apples, sweet and sugary cinnamon, and cedarwood. Customers can’t stop raving about this beloved holiday scent, one even left a review dubbing it the “Christmas morning” candle for its “fresh, clean, and happy” festive aroma.


4. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

If freshly baked buttery cinnamon rolls are your weakness, then you’ve met your candle soulmate. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl is exactly that plus an extra sugary note of gooey caramel. Is your mouth watering yet?


5. Christmas Cider

If boozy candles were a thing, this would be our go-to fragrance. Christmas Cider boasts smells of mulled cinnamon, crushed clove, creamy nutmeg, and piping hot cider.


6. Bright Christmas Morning

Never worry about finding the perfect candle to light on Christmas morning again thanks to Bath & Body Works’ newest addition, Bright Christmas Morning. It gives off hints of ripe red berries, blood orange, and crisp apple. We can’t think of a better fragrance to wake up to.

Single Wick and 3-Wick Candles

$14.50 - 25.50

1. The Perfect Christmas

It’s as if Bath & Body Works read our Christmas candle dream board with its new The Perfect Christmas candle. This glowing scent features a melted blend of our favorite holiday smells like evergreen and fresh cut pine sprigs, cinnamon sugar cookies, and toasted marshmallow. 

$14.50 - 25.50

2. Sugared Snickerdoodle

Get ready for your home to smell like a batch of freshly baked homemade snickerdoodle cookies! Available as a single or three-wick candle, the latter of which comes in two different candle jar designs.

$14.50 - 25.50

3. Winter Candy Apple

Make the transition from fall to winter that much sweeter and merrier with a Winter Candy Apple candle with undertones of candied apples, crisp pears, and oranges with natural essential oils.

$14.50 - 25.50

4. Pure Wonder

One of the most talked about scents of Bath & Body Works’ 2021 holiday capsule collection, Pure Wonder is as glamorous as it is beautiful. The new candle features a strong aroma of iced Rosé with hints of jasmine and warm white amber. Love it? Shop the fragrance in body care, too.

$14.50 - 25.50

5. Tree Farm

Enjoy the smells of freshly cut pine trees all winter long with the Tree Farm holiday candle, which includes a whiff of spiced apples.

$14.50 - 25.50

6. Vanilla Bean Noel

No Christmas candle collection is complete without a vanilla bean-inspired scent. This holiday season, Bath & Body Works has melted a warm, soothing blend of vanilla bean, marshmallow fluff, and vanilla cake. You can enjoy it as a standalone or pair it with other candles in the collection like Sugared Snickerdoodle.

$14.50 - 25.50

7. Twisted Peppermint

You didn’t think Bath & Body Works would debut a new holiday line without a peppermint scented candle, did you? Brand new to BBW’s family of holiday fragrances, Twisted Peppermint is everything you’d imagine a peppermint candle to smell like: cool, crisp, and refreshing. It features notes of peppermint (obviously), sugared snow, vanilla buttercream, fresh balsam, and a very light drop of musk.

$14.50 - 25.50

8. Crushed Candy Cane

So minty, so sugary, so fresh! This candle is the epitome of merry and bright.

$14.50 - 25.50

9. Cotton Candy Champagne

Bath & Body Works is up to their Christmas magic once again and this time, they’ve put an icy spin on a few of our favorite summer fragrances like bubbly Rosé and strawberries!

$14.50 - 25.50

10. Frosted Cranberry

A sultry blend of iced cranberries, blonde woods, red apples, and Tonka bean. It’s the ultimate Christmas delight.

$14.50 - 25.50

11. Under The Christmas Tree

Fir balsam, Juniper berries, vanilla eggnog, and sage—Under the Christmas Tree is like receiving a big, warm hug from Santa himself.