When you’re prepping for baby, there’s a whole lot of focus on, you know, baby. Which gear you need to make baby happy, to make baby stop crying, to make baby comfortable. But who’s looking out for you? We are! Because guess what, mama? That postpartum period is no walk in the park.

The good news is there’s plenty of gear that will make your postpartum journey easier. And thanks to the personalized registry site Gugu Guru, which offers unique registry recommendations related to your unique lifestyle, you can actually register for it now. Because baby registries should be as much about mama as they should about baby, right?

To help guide your postpartum picks we asked 3 postpartum wellness experts to fill us in on their registry must-haves for mama. Get them on your own baby registry stat, then head over to Gugu Guru’s postpartum wellness mega-giveaway and win a package (worth more than $1,600!) that will help ease life for you after baby.

image 1511SARA JANE MERCER, Clean Living Expert
“Staying hydrated is incredibly important. If you are nursing you need tons of water to produce breast milk (breast milk is mostly water). Proper hydration also helps your body balance all those postpartum hormones, reduces swelling from pregnancy and any IVs you may have had during birth. Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times and aim to refill it at least eight times a day!”

1. Baby Bump Balance/Birth Ball
After nine (ok let’s be honest 10) months in the womb babies are used to motion and are born wanting to be rocked and bounced all the time. A yoga ball is a great way to calm a baby and help get them to sleep while mom gets a great core workout. I used my yoga ball as a desk chair at the end of my first pregnancy, labored on it and spent many, many hours bouncing my newborn daughter to sleep on it!
3. Daily Harvest subscription
Figuring out how to keep yourself properly fed while taking care of a newborn can be almost impossible. Smoothies are ideal for new moms as they can be made and consumed with one hand leaving the other free to hold a baby! Daily Harvest provides frozen, ready to blend smoothies that will make sure you are getting all the protein, greens and healthy fats you need to recover from birth, produce breast milk, and get your strength back. No chopping or prepping, just add a liquid base like almond milk or coconut water, blend and enjoy.
2. Baby K’tan
Newborns love to be close to their moms. Babywearing in a wrap or a carrier can help calm a fussy baby,promote bonding and give mom’s arms a much needed break. I love the Baby K’tan because there is no complicated wrapping technique to learn (it’s all pre-done) and it can be used from birth. You can even nurse while your baby is snuggled up in a K’tan.

image 1513MELISSA PARIS, ANJA PIERRE, founders of BYOB Fitness
“Take it day by day, be nice to yourself, but know that working out makes you feel better emotionally and physically. Get out there when you can. It is worth it!”

1. Breastfeeding Extra Parts Since we’re moms on the move (we don’t have an office) we need breastfeeding supplies that travel well. A battery pack, extra cones, spare parts, wipes to clean those parts in a pinch, a breastmilk cooler set, vehicle charger, and freezer storage are critical.
2. The Babybjorn: As city moms and co-founders of a baby wearing strength class this item is a MUST HAVE! Hands free and durable!
3. Bugaboo Runner: This runner allows me to continue my workout routine with my baby in tow! Super durable, technical, and meant for high speeds.

image 1515AIMEE RAUPP, women’s health and fertility expert
“As a women’s health and fertility expert, I have worked with thousands of women on their path to motherhood. And, now being a new mom myself, I can speak to postpartum mental wellness personally. The bottom line is: you need to ask for help. You need to put yourself and your health and wellness FIRST– yes, even ahead of your baby- so that you can nourish your family from a place of ease and love. If you put yourself behind all your other family members, the family unit suffers. And your health and wellness really suffers. Start off motherhood on a well-rounded (pun intended) foot and prioritize self care. One of the best ways you can do this is to ask for help: do things like hire a baby nurse, have family members prepare meals, ask your partner to share duties. Delegate and take it easy on yourself.”

1. Massage gift certificate for YOU. To use AFTER baby is born. As I said– prioritize your wellness first.
2. Hands free pumping bra. I couldn’t live without this! And, rent yourself a hospital grade pump (someone can pay for a month or two of this rental on your registry) it’ll make all the difference in breast milk production.
3. Gift certificate to a lactation consultant. Go BEFORE you give birth, this way you can gather the correct information on how to breastfeed, when to start pumping etc. I did this and she talked to me about hand pumping/self expression which made such a difference for me in the hospital when my baby didn’t latch right away. I knew what to do (I hand expressed into a bottle and was able to give him the colostrum).

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