This isn't just another one of those articles about how to make your sex life or your routine more exciting during pregnancy-- that's a whole other story-- but here, we're talking about LITERALLY making your pregnancy skincare routine more spicy, while still keeping it all safe for pregnancy and postpartum! Some ingredients, like chili peppers and cinnamon, aren't necessarily the first ones that come to mind when you think lotions or lip glosses, but that doesn't mean they can't do some serious good for your body. Plus, they smell amazing at the same time. (And, if this also helps spice up your sex life during pregnancy, well, you're welcome!)

Spice for your body: Bottega Organica Body Contour Formula This oil is as luxurious and pure as they come, and this farm-to-skin company is serious about helping you up your circulation factor with their Body Contour Formula. The spicy chili pepper oil from organic peppers is proven to increase blood flow to stretch marks and cellulite, promoting cell turnover. Peppermint oil will wake you right up, and prawn sage helps penetrate the tissue layers for maximum results. Warning!: this product is so spicy and potent, be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes, wounds, or on your baby!! This one's for mama after hours only! $125. Buy it here.

Spice for your face: May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt The base of this cleanser is a combination of clays, but what makes it truly unique and refreshing is a blend of "warming spices," including cumin, nutmeg, clove, and ginger. Add to that the healing power of marshmallow root and calendula, and you've got the most amazing concoction I've ever tried. It starts as a powder, but when you add just a bit of water to it, you get a soft mousse. Once on your face, it feels warm and tingly, and by the time you rinse it, your skin will feel as pure as it has ever been. Plus, the spices are so different and unexpected-smelling, I promise you'll be transported from your everyday life, even if just for a few moments. All of May Lindstrom's signature products are designed to do just that, in addition to being some of the most effective skincare out there, natural or otherwise. They're all safe for pregnancy and beyond. $60. Buy it here.

Spice for your lips (and your nose, kind of!): W3LL PEOPLE Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold Obviously, this gloss is for your lips, but the bonus of it is that your nose gets a little treat, too. W3LL PEOPLE's lip gloss is just about perfect even without the surprising element of its cinnamon scent, featuring organic coconut oil and aloe, and a shimmery color that is absolutely flattering on everyone. But the really exciting thing is the cinnamon. It makes your lips plump and just a little tingly, and, yes, gives your nose a shot of energy in the form of a scent you didn't even know you were craving. I literally can't get enough of this gloss-- I put it on as many times as I can throughout the day, relishing the scent, feel, and shine every time. $21.50. Buy it here. Image source.