Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors isn't just “the NBA's top point guard."

He's also fast becoming a symbol of the highly engaged, modern father.

During several recent post-game press conferences, the latest Wednesday night after Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets and advanced to the NBA finals, Curry has welcomed two-year-old daughter Riley on stage. In recent appearances, the toddler has adorably managed to ask her daddy to quiet down, sung her favorite Drake song, and fidgeted and wiggled in her father's lap. In short: she acted like a kid.

“I'm blessed to have a healthy baby that brings so much personality and spunk to our family," Curry said of his daughter in an interview.

We can't get enough of watching Curry casually manage his vivacious daughter while talking serious game to reporters. His unassuming manner—integrating his daughter into his professional life, not apologizing for who he is as a father, all while performing at work (in his case, the basketball court)—has captured the nation's attention, and for good reason.

(Photo credit: Noah Salzman)