Looking for something new to do with kids—near where you live, or close to a vacation destination? Always wanted to take a dip in your trendy neighbor's super cool (but probably super expensive to maintain) pool? You'll want to check out Swimply, the pool rental service that lets you rent local pools by the hour. Think Airbnb, but for swimming pools. It's all the convenience of a backyard pool, but none of the work.

Here's my review for using Swimply to cool off the whole family.

I got to try Swimply out this past summer with my four kids and we had a blast. We communicated with the pool owner (the 'host') via app only, which enabled us to book for two adults and four children. When we arrived, we walked straight into the backyard where our swimming oasis awaited. While everything was clean and set up for us, we didn't ever see the host, similar to a home rental experience. During our swim, we blasted music. Ate snacks poolside. Had a family cannonball contest. My son read a book by the picnic table. And then we packed up and went home without any need to worry about pool maintenance, cleanup or anything else. (Note: Many, though not all, of the pools provide bathroom access via Port-A-Potty or a poolside/pool house restroom. You'll want to check and work that into your plans if there's no restroom to use). You can book far-in-advance swims, or find a local one available last minute. You'll pay the hourly fee, plus a small service/cleaning charge for each visit. There are thousands of pools available all over the country, and the company is soon launching a related space rental service, which will let you rent tennis courts, fire pits or other beautiful outdoor spaces, also by the hour.

Here's how it works:

Check out Swimply's website or download their app. Just like Airbnb, you can search by your date and desired location. Find local swimming pools and sort through reviewed listings, browse pictures, and pick one that meets your needs. You can sort through options that include diving boards, heated pools, grills and hot tub access. Chat with the host to finalize visit details. Swim away! P.S. Interested in renting your own backyard pool out to bring in some money and share the floaty fun? You can sign up to host here.