The story is as unique as it is universal: a mother's knowledge that the hours and days are flying by, compels her to pause, stop, take it all in so that it can be cherished later on—that's the sweet spot. That's motherly. And, that's Motherly.

"I was going to fold the clothes but instead I held you" hit that sweet spot, and went viral.

This video, more than the sum of its parts, has provided an overall experience that has transcended its concept, writing, execution, quality of craft—and heart.

• It has been viewed 48,712,269 times.

• It has reached 108,103,678 people.

• It has garnered 4,384,581 social engagements (comments, likes, and shares).

This video elevates what is in plain sight to something timeless, universal, and memorable. These poignant moments of motherhood touch the heart in immeasurable ways… leaving in their wake a longing to steal a glance back, for time to stand still.

Bound to resonate in the heart of anyone who views it, this video is destined for legend in the parenting community online. Our innovative strategy, tactics and creativity combine to succeed at truly engaging our community. And though others have tried to replicate the emotional pull this video has, it takes real intimacy with a community to achieve the authentic relationship we enjoy with ours. Meeting them where they are, in those moments that define them, we let them know that we see them. We get them. And they trust us.

Motherly not only has over 3X the engagement of competitors in the parenting space, but also across women's interest and lifestyle categories.

November 2019 Data (Source: Buzzsumo)

Our original Video Essays have become our landmark social video series. Written and produced by moms, for moms, these share-worthy videos have amassed significant reach and engagement through speaking directly to mothers, offering support and representation for the universally-wild ride of parenthood. The majority of our videos are sourced with footage submitted from our audience, showcasing the authentic reality of their daily lives as mothers and women. The result is original content that feels true to those moments.

Our unique sense of honesty and our authentic and emotional content connect with our community of engaged Millennial moms across channels to deliver results that empower and inspire. Through the powerful lens of motherhood, our content generates mom-to-mom sharing and valuable conversation, unlike any other brand.