A lot of bettors in Britain lost a lot of money this morning when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they'd welcomed a baby boy.

For months punters had been putting their money on the baby being a girl and many were betting that the baby girl would be called Diana, but unless the royal couple decides to be really unconventional with their name choice, it's super unlikely that they're going to call their baby boy Diana.

However, some gamblers in the UK are putting their money on Diana's family name, Spencer. It certainly is a beautiful name and surnames as first names is a trend that has been growing in recent years.

Spencer is said to be a wild-card though in the baby name bets (it currently has 21/1 odds) because there are several, more traditional names that have been favored by generations of royals and are likely being considered by Meghan and Harry.

The following five names are currently the top bets at UK betting firm Ladbrokes.


According to Nameberry, Arthur is the most popular boy's name in the running that isn't currently assigned to another royal. Besides that, it has a rich history that encompasses the legendary King Arthur as well as Arthur, Prince of Wales, a would-have-been king from the 16th century. More recently, it was the name of Queen Victoria's seventh child, who served as the Governor General of Canada in the early 20th century.


This one seems unlikely to us, even though the Queen's middle name is Alexandra, because Prince George's middle name is Alexander. Parents don't normally name a child after a cousin so close in age (but we could be wrong. We thought Prince Louis would be called Prince Albert, after all).


This name can be traced all through the royal family's history but is also super common in modern times. Only 20 names were more popular than James in the UK in 2017.


The name of Queen Elizabeth's father, it's easy to see why Albert is a favorite pick among bookies. It was also a very, very real favorite of Queen Victoria, who insisted all male descents bear the name in some form.

As she wrote to her oldest son after the birth of his second child, "Of course you will add Albert at the end, like your brothers, as you know we [Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort] settled long ago that all dearest Papa's male English descendants should bear that name, to mark our line, just as I wish all the girls to have Victoria after theirs!

I lay great stress on this; and it is done in a great many families."


If Harry and Meghan choose to call the baby Philip they will be honoring both Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, and Harry's brother William. The Duke of Cambridge's full name includes a Philip in the middle, in honor of his dad's dad.

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