This week, we're celebrating, well...nothing special. But that doesn't mean you don't deserve a glass of wine (if you're not pregnant). Or a new spring dress (if you are). Or both. Get prepped for Earth Day on Saturday, and your weekly mom group meet-up of course, with all the pregnancy & parenting news from around the web that everyone's talking about this week.

1. Since you probably need a glass right now, check out Speak Wines' new "Mama Collection," featuring quotes from some of our fave ladies (We "Couldn't Find a Sitter" either, Leslie Bruce. Cheers!). All bottles sold will benefit organizations that give back to both children and mothers in need. As if you need another reason.

2. Have you missed the breastfeeding fashion line Au Lait? Us too! Well, it's back as Love Comma, with an expanded focus on maternity and nursing. Get a head start on your spring pregnancy & postpartum wardrobe.

3. A crib that simulates a nighttime car ride? Why didn't we think of that! Ford of Spain is dipping its toes in the baby gear industry...well it's tippy tippy toe, since this crib is one-of-a-kind. Check it out.

4. If you're nervous about beauty & skincare products since you got pregnant or became a mama, we hear you. Mom-owned Follain just launched a new site, complete with a genius Matchmaker Tool to help you pick the right nontoxic products for your skin type. Give it a try.

5. Looking for a great way to celebrate Earth Day this weekend? If you're in NYC, sneak a peek at 1 Hotels' new Brooklyn Bridge location and hang out for a day-long eco-friendly celebration (skyline yoga, anyone?) with mindbodygreen. It's free, and you can RSVP here.