Motherhood is hard on friendships. We have so many responsibilities as parents it can be hard to make time for coffee dates and girls nights. Sometimes we go weeks or months without seeing our BFFs. But one mama's viral post honors the beauty of friendships that flex with the demands of motherhood and the friends who will always be "on the way" when we need them.

When Kimberly Adams first posted her story to the Northern Colorado Moms Blog Facebook page she kept it anonymous, but after her post about #onthewayfriends went viral, Kimberly decided to be vulnerable with all the women who were being vulnerable in the comments section of her post.

The post blew up because it tells a beautiful story of friendship. Kimberly snapped a pic of her two friends cleaning up her kitchen and in the caption she explained that she is "currently walking through the hardest season of [her] life." Later, she revealed to Good Morning America that the hard season is a divorce, and the days that her son is with his other parent are incredibly hard for her.

When she shared this with her friends they didn't hesitate, they just came (and helped her clean her house). She explained it all in her now viral post:

"I needed my people today. I thought I just needed to call them up and cry about what was happening, and then while on the phone, my sweet friend asked me such an important question. She asked me to just say what I needed and wanted most.

I told her that I didn't want to be alone.

Her response: 'I'm on my way.'

I started in with all of the reasons she couldn't and shouldn't come...'My house is a disaster.' 'I don't want to burden you.' 'It's such a long drive.'

Her response: 'Sister, I don't care about any of that. You said you don't want to be alone, so I'm coming.'

Not only did she make the trek from Greeley to Fort Collins, but she picked up another sweet friend along the way. They picked up lunch, they walked into my house, gave me the biggest hugs, and asked, 'What can we do?'

My disaster of a house? They helped me clean it, and assured me it wasn't that bad. They let me cry, they made me laugh, we listened to music, and most importantly...

I. Wasn't. Alone."

That is what makes them #onthewayfriends, according to Kimberly. They were "on the way" as soon as they knew she needed them.

"The post itself was born out of the love I felt from the way my friends showed up for me, and not just on that day, but the way they have shown up for me over and over again in this difficult season," she told GMA.

Kimberly was overwhelmed with the response to her post, which has been shared more than 100,000 times and prompted the creation of the hashtag #onthewayfriends. Other moms have been tagging their own friends in the post and Kimberly is happy to see so many mamas are sharing their stories of friendship.

Motherhood can be busy. We may not see our friends every day, but it is so important to have people we know will be on the way when we need them.

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