Photographer Sujata Setia has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and it is easy to see why. This incredibly talented photographer is based in the UK and creates images of families that are more than just photos, they are works of art. They are a legacy preserved in light and color.

Setia captures all kinds of families, but her images of grandparents with their grandkids are among the most breathtaking.

In a post for photography website Bored Panda , Setia explained why she loves taking photos of grandparents: Because many people don't.

"When I look back at all my family photo albums, there is not a single image I find with my grandparents," she wrote. "There are images with mom, dad, my brother... even with my dog and a stray cat whom we had adopted... but seriously none with my grandpa and grandma. And those were the two people I loved the most... I still do, even after they are long gone."

The power of the grandparent bond captured in photos

Setia's Instagram account has gone viral, but so have some of the individual photos she's posted, like this one of a grandfather, David, with his little granddaughter, Marney.

Setia's photos capture the playful vibe between the two of them and Setia says that David taught her that it's okay for us grownups to act like kids sometimes.

This bearded grandfather once asked Setia "what's better? Them growing older or us becoming younger?" and while playing with his granddaughter may not be helping him age backwards, science shows grandparents who watch their grandchildren add an average of five years to their lives.

According to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior , grandparents who babysit or provide some level of care to their grandkids had lower risks of death over a 20-year period than older adults who did not take on caregiving roles.

Going back in time + preserving moments in time

Setia's own grandmother has passed away, but through her photography she is reliving and preserving that special bond between grandmas and grandkids.

"I could give anything to go back in time and share a laugh with my grandma," she captioned this beautiful photo of a grandmother laughing with a toddler.

Having a grandparent in their lives can be a joy for children, and we know that some grandmothers consider these moments the greatest joy in their lives.

Capturing her own beautiful family

In a world that puts so much pressure on parents some of us just couldn't do it without our children's grandparents.

That's the case for Setia, who credits her mother-in-law, Amma, with helloing her raise her daughter, Aayat and helping her find her purpose as a working moms.

"After Aayat was born I went through a phase where I was seeking my own identity... that which was beyond being a mother, a daughter or a wife. Amma gave me the confidence to set up my photography business. Aayat was 11-months-old when I got my first assignment. I remember calling her from the shoot location and crying my heart out. The client had handed me £400 in cash for the work and that was my first earning after marriage. I couldn't have done that without Amma."

Setia's photography is beautiful and so is her story.