Now here's a TikTok challenge we can get behind.

The latest viral craze is simple: "tell me your child is pooping without telling me your child is pooping."

The video we can't stop watching comes from Hannah Searfoss, who shared a funny clip of her baby boy working on a number two.

The video starts with a sweet smile from little Elliot, who's sitting in his highchair. And then it begins. His little audible groans and strains had us in stitches—mostly because they remind us of our babies and their hard work.

Plenty of parents really connected with little Elliot and are now sharing hilarious stories of their kids' quirks and bathroom habits.


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"Mine goes to the corner of the house an just stands there until he's done " one user commented.

"My little brother would always say 'I love you dad' in a really strained voice when he was pooping still my favorite story to tell of him," said another.

Another user wrote, "Mine stares into my soul the whole time."

"It will likely change when I have kids of my own but I think the faces and noises make when they're pooping is adorable " commented one woman.

We'd like to tell her this: it likely won't change. Pooping babies are adorable, especially when they're yours.

There's just something about those little red cheeks and loud groans that make you want to cheer on your little one and give them a big congratulatory kiss when they're done.

We're not quite sure why babies and toddlers seem to love either making eye contact or hiding while pooping, but we love the stories.

You go do your thing, little ones. We'll be here to congratulate you and clean up when you're finished.