By: Brittany of the San Diego Moms Blog

Motherhood is such a funny thing. Similar to life, it seems like it goes so fast and so slow all at the same time. There have been moments in my motherhood journey where I couldn’t wait to get to the next stage and then other moments where I looked back and missed a stage that had quickly passed by.

I know I am not alone in my feelings because I often hear comments from other moms in a different stage of life than me.

Moms with newborns look longingly at my preschooler playing independently and wish for the day where they can set their baby down for more than two minutes.

Moms with tweens who tell me my toddler is at their “favorite age.”

Moms who offer to snuggle that sweet brand new baby to breathe in that precious smell.

Moms who spend their days chauffeuring their kids around to different activities, counting down the days until one of the kids can drive.

I think we can all agree that motherhood, and life, are made up of very different seasons. When we are actually living in each season of life, it’s much easier to focus on the negative aspects. However, when we look forward and look back, it seems we only see or remember the positive parts from other seasons.

So to all you moms in a different stage of life than me…

To the pregnant mom

I know you can’t wait to have that sweet baby in your arms. Everyone is telling you to sleep now, but we all know that isn’t happening. Enjoy those baby kicks and nightly foot massages from your husband (prescribed by your doctor of course.)

To the mom with the newborn

I promise one day your baby will do more than just eat, sleep and poop. Try and steal as many kisses as you can and let that baby nap on you any time they want! I promise it won’t cause any permanent damage.

To the mom with the toddler

I know you feel like you might lose your mind if your toddler has one more meltdown about the way you cut the banana. You can’t wait for the day when you don’t have to hold your breath in the checkout line anxiously awaiting a public tantrum. Try and enjoy the budding individuality of that little human. Let them pick out their own outfits and write down all the silly things they say (if nothing else take lots of pictures for future blackmail.)

To the mom with the preschooler

I know some days you wonder if you have fast-forwarded to the teenage years. You wonder how such a small person can have so much attitude. Try and enjoy that inquisitive little mind and the innocent questions they have about the world.

To the mom with the kindergartener

I know it feels like you just gave birth yesterday. I know watching your child walk into that classroom feels a little like your heart being ripped out and a little bit like the freedom you have been wishing for the last five years. Try and enjoy that humongous smile on your kid’s face when you pick them up every day. Try and soak in the time spent doing homework together while it is still easy enough for you to do.

To the mom with the kid in elementary school

I know you feel like you spend most of your time shuffling your kid from one place to the other. I know sometimes you both end up crying over homework. Try to enjoy doing fun things as a family while your kid is old enough to actually make memories they will keep forever (and before they start to be embarrassed by your presence.)

To the mom with the middle schooler

I know you wonder most days where your sweet child has gone. I know you worry about the scary choices your child is already being faced with. Try to soak in the times that they still ask for your opinion even if they don’t always listen. Soak in the drive to school and listen to their problems even if they seem silly to you.

To the mom with the teenager

I know it may feel like the whole boarding school thing isn’t such a bad idea sometimes. I know you may lose it over the next eye roll. Try to look for the fruit of your labor because I promise it is there. Take the time to watch them make smart decisions even if they are few and far between.

To the mom sending her kid off to college

I know you lay awake at night wondering if you have done enough. I know you worry about your child’s future more than ever before. Try and look forward to when your child will come home with a bag full of laundry. After a few months away, your child will appreciate you more than ever before!

To the mom with adult children

I know you may feel like you aren’t needed anymore. Can I just say as an adult child that you couldn’t be more wrong? You are so needed and you are appreciated more than you know (love you mom!).

Every season has its joy and its trouble. You may feel like the season you are in will never end, but I promise you it will. Let’s try to focus and enjoy the season we are currently in, no matter if it is a tough one or a sweet one. Let’s focus on the positive parts of every season instead of wishing it all away. I’ll try if you will!

This article was originally published on San Diego Moms Blog.