To the mom who hides in the bathroom in an attempt to get a second alone, with tears running down your face—because you’re all out of energy, I was her today, I’ve been her in the past and I will be her in the future.

To the mom who’s feeling insecure about what she’s doing, wondering when this ‘phase’ will end, wondering why her baby is screaming unstoppable when everyone else’s baby seems like an angel, I’ve been her, and I’ll be her again.

To the mom who would do anything to get a full night’s sleep, but don’t get any help, to the mom who’s slowly falling apart because she’s drained.

To the mom who’s feeling stressed about not getting enough done during the day and then spends the nights stressed about not spending enough time with her kids, I’m right there with you.

To the mom who feels alone in all this even when she’s surrounded with people—remember, you’re not alone in this, you’re amazing and you’re rocking motherhood.

Motherhood will change your life, it’s scary, energy-draining and lonely at times, but it will pass—this, will pass, because it’s a phase in our lives and when we look back at it, it will probably be a way too short phase.

But while we’re in it—remember to remind yourself that you’re doing a great job, even on your worst day, that you’re greatly loved and that no one would do this better than YOU.

We all have bad days—we all breakdown, we’re not alone in this—we are mothers, amazing mothers.