Dear mom whose world is about to be rocked by having two precious babies under two,

I see you.

The disbelief you felt at seeing a positive pregnancy test just mere days after celebrating your firstborn’s first birthday? I’ve been there.

The immense mom guilt telling you that by adding another member to your family that you’re robbing your first child of special time that should/could/would be spent as an only child? I’ve been there.

The already tired eyes that are a constant reminder that you’ll probably never sleep again after baby #2 arrives because let’s face it, you’re still getting up at night to deal with a teething toddler. I’ve been there.

The fear that you’ll have to say goodbye to the tiny bit of a social life you had left since having a baby the first time around? I’ve been there.

Or the worry that there’s absolutely no way there’s going to be enough room in your heart to love a second baby nearly as much as you love your first? I’ve been there, too.

And then baby #2 arrives.

The days are long because one starts to blend into the next, with no end in sight. The days are hard and the nights are even harder. And the days are very, very full. But so is my heart. As yours will be, too.

Because from here on out, very few things will top the moment you witness your all-of-a-sudden grown-up toddler make their little sibling smile for the very first time.

Or the first (third, 12th or 20th) time you get both your toddler and baby to nap at the same time.

The time that your toddler who can’t share a single one of their toys to save their life offers to share one with their baby sibling.

The first day that you not just survive, but *thrive,* while home alone with two kiddos.

Oh, and the first time you get both kids out of the house together? Don’t even get me started.

The moment you realize that you didn’t even have to tell your toddler to “be gentle” because it finally clicked and they knew what they were supposed to do all on their own.

And the time that your toddler says their first unprompted “I love you” to their sibling? Well, I still haven’t recovered from that one.

The truth is, there will be good days and there will be terrible, poop-hits-the-fan-and-there’s-no-recovering-from-it kind of days. But on the best of days, the worst of days, and everything in between, there will never be a better mother for your two babies than you.

And one day, you’ll wake up and realize that it really has gotten easier. I promise.

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