First birthday photos are one of those milestones that many parents just take to share with their Facebook friends—but 1-year-old Evelyn Hall from Texas has seen her pictures spread far beyond her parents' social circles after they showed her reunion with Deputy Constable Mark Diebold, the man who aided during Evelyn's emergency roadside delivery.

For the adorable tea party-themed photo shoot, Evelyn and Deputy Constable Diebold seemed to chat like two old friends—which is truly what they are.

Even the photographer who captured the heart-warming viral images said the scene made her heart happy. “Watching this all evolve has been so very special, and truly validates the importance of capturing the memories that you treasure the most," photographer Cyndi Williams of Coppell, Texas, told Motherly.

In July 2016, Deputy Constable Diebold of the Tarrant County police saw a vehicle speeding by him in the early morning hours. He pulled over the speeding couple, but when Evelyn's dad explained the situation and asked for escort to the hospital, Deputy Diebold was happy to flash the lights and lead the way.

The two-vehicle convoy never did make it to the hospital. Evelyn was coming too soon for that, forcing the Halls and Diebold to pull over as the beautiful little girl made her entrance into the world.

Williams reached out to the Hall family one year ago, after the story of Evelyn's birth aired on the local news. The granddaughter, daughter and sister of police officers herself, Williams wanted to offer the family a complimentary photo session that would honor the role law enforcement played in Evelyn's birth.

One year later, she was back behind the camera as Evelyn and her personal hero shared a cup of birthday tea.

“We have all become friends, and I know that Mark Diebold sees Evelyn quite often. The Hall kids even call him Uncle Mark," said Williams, who added she is happy to see her photos are making people around the world smile the same way she does when she looks at them.

“As a friend, it has been something I believe we all needed in our hearts," Williams said. “As a photographer, it was my job to capture that blessing and hopefully put a little love in the heart of others."