Every now and then my wife and I like to check in with our kids to get their opinions on how we’re doing as parents. The responses can be brutally honest but very entertaining. I’m always amazed by their perspective.

This week, in the spirit of Father’s Day, I asked for their opinions on the best things about being a dad.

Here were the top ten responses:
(Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.)

1. “Dads can reach things that are high”

Ummmm…not exactly the response I was looking for, but it’s a start. Basically, at 6’8” I’m as useful as the average step ladder. While factually correct, I was hoping for something a little more complimentary to kick off the discussion. Fortunately they get better.

2. “Dads get to stay up late”

Little do they know I’d like to go to sleep before they do. I can’t remember the last time I slept for 6, let alone 12 straight hours. If it were up to me, I would have them read the bedtime stories and then tuck me in at night.

3. “Dads are like super heroes”

This one I happen to agree with. In the eyes of a child, dads can leap tall buildings in a single bound—even if they’re only LEGO buildings. They give us a lot of credit and we must remember to soak it in. It can be something as simple as speaking in a funny accent to get a giggle out of them that makes me feel like a super hero.

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4. “Dads get to fix the same things…over and over again”

Compliment or an insult? Still not sure here. I haven’t burned the house down or seriously injured myself yet. In our house that is a major victory. However, perhaps I should admit defeat and hire a professional from time to time. My wife would agree.

5. “Dad-bod”

Yeah, ok, I added this one in after the kids went to sleep.

Defined by the urban dictionary as, “softly round,” the “dad-bod” movement is phenomenal.

Everyone should just embrace it. You’ll never have that 18-year-old body again, so quit trying!

6. “Dads get to drive minivans”

I didn’t have the heart to get into this one. My kids get so excited about the automatic doors. How could they possible understand that sliding behind the steering wheel of one of these chariots is not exactly the pinnacle of middle-age life? Give them a couple of years, they’ll figure it out.

For now, we’ll swallow our pride for the sake of practicality.

7. “Dads get to watch all the Disney movies they want”

I’d never admit this in public, but I sure do love me some Penguins of Madagascar…..and Lego Movie…..and Ratatouille……and Toy Story 1…..Toy Story 2…..Toy Story 3…….and Frozen….Yeah, that’s right, Frozen…..no judgments.

8. “Dads let the kids do all the work at Halloween and then take their candy when they fall sleep”

…Wait…what? Sonofa! I thought my strategy was flawless: Only three pieces a night and never two of the same candy in any one sitting.

9. “Dads don’t have to go to school”

‘Nough said.

10. “Dads get to follow their dreams when they get older”

This one hit home.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in the daily grind and forget that in their eyes we’re living the dream.

Our kids are constantly looking up to us and what may seem trivial or routine, to them is exciting and new. Perhaps we could all use some of their perspective from time to time.

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