Videos of Rayshard Brooks' deadly encounter with Atlanta police have dominated the news in recent days, but behind the headlines, there's a family in mourning.

Brooks was a father to three young daughters and also had a teenaged stepson. In their time of grief, one celebrity is stepping up to support them.

Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry is offering not only to pay for Brooks' funeral, but also to set up college funds for the children, according to People.

To lose their father at such a young age is a tragedy in and of itself, but the circumstances make it even more difficult. Brooks was at a Wendy's restaurant when he fell asleep in his car in the drive-thru lane. An Atlanta cop who was called to the scene shot Brooks in the back in the parking lot. The shooting happened just one day before Brooks was set to celebrate his oldest daughter's 8th birthday with a family party.

People reports that Perry has been in contact with the family and simply "wanted to do something to help." Perry himself has deep ties to the Atlanta area, where he lives and also operates a massive movie studio. Brooks' death set off more protests there, following quickly on the heels of the death of George Floyd. Perry drew a link between to those two deaths, writing on Instagram, "Long after the marching stops and the cameras go home we have to keep fighting for what is right."

Nothing can bring back their father, but Brooks' family may take some comfort in knowing that his children's future is now more secure.