This week we are showing tons of love for the celeb tush that everyone is talking about. And if they're not, they should be! Find out why Hillary Duff is jumping into the public conversation about mom body shaming, and get inspired to hit the beach and show off all your parts too! There's tons of other good stuff going on in the mom-world this week, so read on for Well Rounded's Weekly Links.

1. Hillary Duff’s trending instagram post speaks directly to haters and body shamers when she owns up to her “celeb flaws” and proudly! Preach, Hillary! We love your flaws. Check it out here to feel totally inspired and rejoice in your girl power.

2. Mom-favorite TV personality Ellen Degeneres just launched her new baby line at Buy Buy Baby. And we totally love it as much as we love her. You’ll want to dance around just like Ellen in her low-top sneakers with your baby thanks to these whimsical and fun pieces.

3. Leaky boobs have their perks! Our friends at Bamboobies are giving away a FREE pair of Washable Nursing Pads, just pay $2.99 US shipping & handling. FREEBIES are available from Aug 7th -13th, while supplies last! Share with other nursing moms & make sure no one misses their chance to get a free pair of nursing pads.

4. The luxe baby skincare brand Noodle & Boo just launched a line of ultra safe laundry detergents (and more)! These baby-safe products are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and use only plant-based ingredients. Stock up here.

5. A new start-up company Werk makes it easy for work-ready moms to contact employers and make it clear they need flexibility. Companies you want to work for add positions to the job board with flexible hours and advancement potential, to make sure you know exactly what you are applying for! Huge thanks to the two mom co-founders who have helped so many moms find employment already.

Julia McRae is a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland and WRNY’s new intern. While she is not a mom-to-be just yet, she is a passionate lifestyle writer and travel blogger.