Jessica Martinez

Breastfeeding mamas are pretty powerful. But it's not often that we see the reality of what it truly takes portrayed in the media. We don't see the late night nursing sessions. The woman strapped to her pump at work in the women's restroom. The stay-at-home mom nursing twins while also trying to keep her toddler entertained and happy.

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, #TeamMotherly submitted some real-life images to show their truth. And we wanted to share them here with you.

(But remember: however you decide to feed your babyโ€”formula, breastfeed, comboโ€”you're incredible, mama!)

Nursing in the hospital for the first time

Valerie Robichau

An at-work pumping session

Tamar (Raviv) Reiner

An emotional first-time nursing session

Mariana Nathal

Breastfeeding on a bed

Valerie Robichau

On the go

Jessica Martinez

Late at night

To twins

Kristen Harms

As they fall asleep

Jessica Martinez

Or as they're drowsy

Justine Bowser

To provide comfort

Valerie Robichau

And joy

Bronte Cummings

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