Mama, we're still in the thick of it. The coronavirus is on all our minds all day long. We're struggling to keep up—with our children, our homes, our families and friends, our finances. Some of us are fortunate enough to be at home, while others are bravely heading into the world to keep this country going. Either way, we're all in this together.

As you can probably imagine, this week's viral stories are all about the coronavirus. But while the issue is incredibly serious, heartbreaking and terrifying, there's light here: These stories show how people are processing and connecting and helping one another during this time. And they give us a tiny bit of hope.

These are the stories making us smile this week:

This viral illustration shows what 2020 graduates are feeling during this pandemic

If your children are set to graduate (whether that's from high school, from college or even kindergarten), they're likely mourning their lost ability to enjoy those final days before the next step comes... and they're likely worrying that they won't be able to celebrate graduation in the traditional fashion. Yes, we're dealing with a pandemic here, but 2020 grads have every right to feel sadness over what social distancing has taken from them.

One student drew the most beautiful, heart-wrenching representation of this feeling. A woman named Claire Hibbard shared an image of the illustration, which she says was done by a high school senior. The drawing features a graduate wearing a face mask along with her gap... and there are tears in her eyes. It's incredibly powerful, and it's a powerful reminder that those children who are robbed of the graduation experience are going through something really tough right now.

Allbirds is going viral for providing healthcare workers with new shoes

Healthcare workers are carrying an enormous load right now. They're undoubtedly exhausted in every sense—physically, mentally, emotionally. And they deserve something that'll make their lives a bit easier at this time.

That's why we love what Allbirds is doing. The company known for creating incredibly comfortable shoes will donate a pair of wool sneakers to hospital employees. The gesture alone is lovely—those courageous healthcare workers deserve a token of appreciation, after all—but this gift goes beyond that. Hospital employees are likely on their feet and overworked to the brim right now, and by sending them a pair of shoes that'll give them some measure of comfort as they work through this crisis, the company is truly doing something that can help those who are fighting this war.

Viral video shows how Girl Scouts will donate cookies to hospital workers

Healthcare workers have so much on their plates right now... but the fact is, they probably don't have enough time to squeeze in meals during their work hours. Luckily, Girls Scouts are setting up digital cookie booths to provide hospital employees free cookies. And let's face it: Cookies won't fix what's going on right now, but they can certainly put a smile on someone's face right now, and we can't underestimate the value of that.

Three Girl Scouts (who also happen to be sisters) came up with this concept: Sylvie, Julia and Piper, along with their mom, knew they needed to come up with another solution to their usual cookie stands as the coronavirus began spreading.

The girls are encouraging people to send donations via PayPal—they'll use those funds to donate cookies to doctors and nurses who are fighting this pandemic.

"With everything going on right now, it seems like our doctors and nurses are going to be hit so hard," the girls' mom, Kacey Farrell said, according to Good Morning America . "Girl Scout cookies are a small way to say thank you, but it felt like an easy opportunity to let our frontline responders know how grateful and supportive we are."

Viral video shows teachers social distancing while seeing their students during pandemic

With schools shut down, parents are finally realizing the immense challenge teachers face every day. It is incredibly tough to handle closures and home school our children... but what we have to realize is, it's equally tough for those teachers to be without their beloved students.

A Facebook post shows video of teachers driving through a neighborhood as their elementary school students waved from a distance. All the feels .

The video is incredible touching: It shows how excited the teachers are as they wave to the kids, who are obviously equally thrilled to see their teachers. Doesn't this warm your heart, mama? It's a powerful reminder that we send our kids to school, they're still spending time with people who love them.

Viral video: Grandfather meets his grandson while social distancing 😭

One of the toughest parts of social distancing is staying away from family members, especially for those of us who have aging parents who are considering high-risk where this pandemic is concerned. But can you imagine your parents not being able to meet your newborn baby? The thought is gut-wrenching. But one new father named Míchéal Gallachoir found a touching way to introduce his new son to his own dad... and the photo of the interaction is so beautiful.

Míchéal's sister, Emma, shared the photo on her Twitter account. " Three generations of social distancing as my dad meets his grandson for the first time," she wrote alongside the sweet image.

This will hit home for so many new parents across the globe, especially as many moms are giving birth without anyone to support them in the delivery room thanks to social distancing measures. Ultimately, we have to do what needs to be done to slow done this awful virus...and we applaud this family for finding a way to still connect while remaining mindful of that.

Viral video shows twin toddlers' hilarious conversation about 'quarantines' + germs


The 2 funniest people I know! They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep ##quarantine ##pillowfight ##humor ##brothers

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Children can find fun in the most serious of situations, as a now-viral TikTok clip proves.

When Alabama mom Megan Sanchez asked her twin 3-year-old boys to get ready for bed she caught them on the baby monitor having a hilariously age-appropriate conversation about current events.

"We're in quarantine," one of the twins says to the other.

"Yes," his brother responds. "We're in quarantines."

Then the twins chant "germs go away" before turning the convo to the fact that spring is just around the corner.

"The 2 funniest people I know! They usually talk about what happened that day while I put the baby to sleep," Sanchez captioned her TikTok.

The video also shows the two having a pillow fight and yelling out things like "I got you with my pillow germs!"

Seems like quarantine is kind of fun in the Sanchez house. Cheers to the twins' mama and all the other mamas making this work and helping their kids understand the situation (while still having fun).

Baby Shark has a new song about handwashing (and it's going viral)

Pinkfong, the company behind the incredibly popular Baby Shark franchise, has released a song aimed at helping kids with hand hygiene.

"Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark" is exactly what the title suggests. The familiar "doo doo doo doo doo" is back, but with a hygienic twist.

"Grab some soap, doo doo doo doo doo..."

"Rub your hands, doo doo doo doo doo..."

"Rinse your hands, doo doo doo doo doo..."

It's a bop, mama.

If your kids are sick of singing "Happy Birthday" every time they wash up, introduce them to this earworm to ensure 30 seconds of scrubbing.