With a new political headline hitting our feeds nearly every minute, it's easy for the good news to get lost in the shuffle. But it's important to remember that goodness happens every day in our world, and that's why we want to make sure you hear about it.

These are the headlines that made us smile this week:

This mama's internet friends brought her coffee while her baby was in the hospital

Jaiden Cowley was stuck in the ER late at night with her daughter Amira (who has been waiting more than a year for a heart transplant) and desperately needed a coffee. She randomly asked the members of the Mom Squad , a Facebook group she's in, if anyone happened to be at the hospital and could grab her a coffee as she couldn't leave her baby girl to do so.

None of her fellow moms happened to be at the hospital, but soon one was. A fellow mom jumped in her car, hit a Starbucks and brought Jaiden the coffee that would get her through the night. The story of this fellow mama's generous action made it off the mom group and on to the rest of the internet where it went viral after it was f irst reported by TODAY.

"To some it was just a simple cup of coffee, to me her bringing it to me meant I could stay awake and alert for my daughter. I was able to properly advocate for her," Jaiden told Motherly.

💪 You're a strong mama Jaiden, and you've got some great internet friends in your corner.

This artist is going viral for making babies' helmets beautiful

As People reports, artist Paula Strawn is making families smile by customizing helmets for babies who need them.

As Motherly previously reported, positional plagiocephaly (also known as flat head syndrome) is super common, one 2013 study estimated 46% of babies have a degree of positional plagiocephaly , and some, like Chrissy Teigen's son Miles, wear helmets to treat the condition and reshape the head.

Strawn started painting helmets for babies after a friend's granddaughter was prescribed one, and now Strawn's whole Instagram account is babies in adorably customized helmets. "The last few years it's been my full-time business. I get helmets shipped me to daily from all over the country," she tells People.

We can totally see why. Her work is super cute! Check out her Instagram !

This viral photo captures the beauty of a new kind of c-section

This week Amber Price, the Chief Operating Officer at TriStar Centennial Medical Center , posted the above photo on Facebook with this caption: "Celebrating Nashville's first baby born via CS with delayed cord clamping, and placed directly on mom via a window in the drape❤️ #SkinToSkinDrape #TheTriStarCentennialWomensHospital #YourBirthYourWay # YesYouCan (Image by Clever Medical)"

We love to see this kind of birth celebrated. This is a form of "gentle cesarean," something Motherly's Digital Education Editor Diana Spalding (who is also a midwife and pediatric nurse) calls "a huge step in the right direction."

According to Spalding, "Women need options and choices, autonomy and respect. Becoming a mother is one of the most momentous events in a woman's lifetime—she deserves to have it be her best birth."

Having a cesarean doesn't necessarily mean you can't see your baby's first moments in the world or have skin-to-skin contact. We love that this photo is going viral and proving that C-sections can be so beautiful.

The hospital in Nashville used a traditional blue drape with a non-traditional window for mom. Some other hospitals offer clear surgical drapes as well. Experts like Flor Cruz, the birth doula behind the popular @badassmotherbirther accounts, encourages moms to ask their hospitals if they can have a non-opaque drape if that's what they want. If you want your c-section to look like this viral photo you can advocate for that.

You can ask for a maternal assisted delivery where you see the birth and pull your own baby to your chest. You can ask for skin to skin immediately. You can ask for no severing of the cord, delaying clamping of the cord or milking of the cord. You can breastfeed immediately. You can bond on another level. You can call it a belly birth," Cruz previously told Motherly.

Tan France & Tina Fey got  Rachel Dratch into "mom jeans"

What mom doesn't love mom jeans? We're very glad they're back because they're comfy and we look great in them. But style has a way of coming and going. Mom jeans are now cool enough that Queer Eye' s Tan France got actress Rachel Dratch into mom jeans (with some help from Tina Fey) for his new Netflix show, but just a few years ago (okay, like more than a decade ago) Rachel and Tina made mom jeans an uncool icon with this classic SNL sketch.

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